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My office is resuming and I have been keeping a really big secret

Hi Horus

I am in big trouble, literally because that is the size of me right now. BIG!!!

I have been going out with a colleague of mine. We work in the same company but different subsidiaries. It has been going really good. Young and stupid as we are, we didn’t hold back on taking risks, unprotected risks

I usually calculate my ovulation using my Flo app so I assumed I know my safe time. We had a lot of fun. I am not even going to lie. Things we have done in that office, if people knew, they won’t even sit on some chairs, especially the conference room, lol

I like that I am joking when I am in trouble. The last time we were together at the office was late in March just before the lockdown. We both stayed in late, as we normally planned to whenever we feel like getting kinky. I went to meet him up at the side of the building where he works. There was no one there. It was 10 pm so of course, everyone had gone. Seeing him alone, thinking about him, it is always electrifying. Sometimes I am unaware of where we are, it always feels good. Again, we didn’t use any protection, he came in me. I loved it. I always do. I just didn’t know it would end me in trouble this time

I spent the first month of the lockdown with him. It was sex, left and right. His house will never forget me. Things were going so great that I didn’t notice I missed my period and my bad habit puts off all notifications on my phone so I didn’t get any notification from Flo about my late period. When the lockdown was eased in May, I went back home. I was getting sick a lot.

I was arranging my things when I saw the tampons I bought in March that I still had not used. I started panicking. I opened my Flo app and saw that my period was really late. I went to get pregnancy strip tests. I got five and they all came out positive. I was shaking profusely. I felt like my life had crashed and crumbled. I didn’t know what to do.

I went to the hospital to see how far along I was and I was 7 weeks pregnant. I did not plan for this. I called my boyfriend. I told him I was pregnant. He didn’t say anything for a while. He told me he was not ready to be a father. I know what that meant. He wanted me to remove the child. I really did not want to. I am 27 years old. I know I am not married but I have a good job and I am carrying the baby of the man I love in me. I just told him “OK, I understand” and hung up

I decided to keep the child. I moved in with my big sis, she was the only one that knew about the pregnancy. She really took care of me. My boyfriend called me a lot to know if I was fine. I avoided him like a plague. He kept asking me where I was and I told him I travelled because I needed to be alone. He really felt bad. He kept apologising and tried to make me understand why I had to “get rid of the pregnancy” I kept up with the act, doing mild video calls with him, making sure I kept it really brief.

I just got notice that office is to resume on the first week of October. I am already 7 months pregnant and showing so well. I am as round as a ball. I can’t go to the office like this. My boyfriend really thinks “I did what was to be done” but I didn’t. It was easy avoiding eyes due to the lockdown, all work was done online and through Zoom so there were no worries. Those who did video calls with me saw only my face and were convinced that I was just fat due to “over enjoyment” I am freaking out. I am due in November. I have really been praying all activities won’t commence till next year. What do I do?

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