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I wish I never dated my colleague

Hi Horus
I work in a Consulting firm. If there is one thing I hate, its office relationship. I never thought I would find myself in one but here I am today.

I started working here in 2018. I was never close to Funmi (not her real name) at first. We were just in the same department. The only thing I knew about her was the that she was the team lead, smart and really pretty. Ok, maybe I noticed her a bit. I am sapiosexual and I couldn’t help myself.

She was also very helpful when I started the job. Sooner than later, we got closer. We were just five in the team and she took a liking to me. We went out together a lot and a couple of months later, we started dating and that’s when I saw her for who she was, a complete PSYCHO

Funmi will never let me talk to other girls, not even the ones in our team. It became disturbing. As the team lead, she would put a lot of pressure on anyone she felt was a threat. One time she wrote a query against a team member that is very close to me. The funny thing is I have been close to this person long before I started dating Funmi but it is now suddenly an issue.

I got tired and decided to call it off. Two days later, I was called in by the HR. Funmi was there in the office all teared up. HR told me that Funmi had informed them that she was pregnant and I was leaving her. I had absolutely no words. I knew Funmi was lying but how was I going to prove this.

I talked to Funmi countlessly to say the truth and she kept insisting that she was pregnant. She even showed me a pregnancy test result. I know she forged it.

There is no way I am having a child with a crazy person. I have told her to let me follow me to the hospital so we can do another test and she starts throwing tantrums, saying she has shown me results and she has nothing else to prove to me. Does this girl realise it’s my life she wants to ruin? Which kind wahala be this God!! I don’t even know what to do anymore. I hate her so much.

Is there a way to have her tested without her knowing? I am desperate

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