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I really really hate my team-lead

See this team-lead title eh, them no dey carry am go heaven o. My team-lead has to be the hardest prick on the planet. Ah, I have never seen anyone that infuriates me as much. I feel like he is trying to sabotage me, undermine my work and I will not have it. I will put him in trouble before that happens

I was the newest person on the team so yes, I am still trying to get a hang of all that is going on. We are four in the team. I work in the sales department. When I started, I made mistakes, agreed but I did not deserve a query from HR for it. He could have called me and talked to me and told me what to do next but no, he went straight to HR. I didn’t take it to heart. I believed it was because we lost a client that day and he was really mad so it’s allowed.

But these days, see, I will break his head. He doesn’t let anyone talk in general meetings. If we are having a team meeting, everyone brings suggestions and it all seems jolly like he will let us show the general managers that we are doing well and that it is all team effort. But when it is time for the presentation, every single idea brought is presented like his own. He says things like “what I suggest to the team”, “what I brought forward”, there is so much “I” and I dey wonder what about the rest of us abi is TEAM now TIM?

The last meeting we had, I kept all my ideas to myself. During the presentation, I cut him off and said “this idea just came into my head”, I said what I had in mind and the managers liked it. OMO!!! If you see how this guy looked at me eh. As black as he is, I could see his redness, lol. E sweet me sha, I no lie you. This guy yelled at me eh. He was shouting at the top of his voice. I told him it was just my opinion and he said “who gives a bloody fuck about your opinion. It doesn’t count. Relate to your team-lead or walk”

I honestly have never been so angry. I wanted to punch him but I just walked away. HR just sent a circular today that they are looking for a new sales intern. I went to ask her what that was about and she said my team-lead had requested for an intern that would make work easier and run smoother. I am not saying anything. I want to see how this will play out. I want to know his plan and how he wants to kick me out. He has not seen anything.

He will loose his job before I loose mine. Rubbish!!!


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