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Horrible bosses: People share stories of their worst experience with their bosses

Have you seen the movie “Horrible bosses”? Hilarious movie. But have you ever thought of killing your boss before? What could possibly push you to that point?

Some of us may actually have good bosses but once in a while, they have to have annoyed you. Today we share some of these “not so great” experiences with bosses. Some of these bosses are actually horrible but some are not. Either way, we are sharing. You be the judge.

Which of these bosses are you going to call these guys for

Denied by the boss

So I use to work in customer service at a shopping complex. An angry customer came in and was shouting at the top of her voice. Like there was nothing I could do to calm her down. She said the items we delivered was bad and we ruined all her plans. I kept apologising. She insulted my life eh. She kept shouting that she wanted to see the manager. At that same time, my boss walked in. And I was happy, because, well, manager don show. I quickly told the lady “the manager is here, you can talk to her”. As we walked towards my boss, she looked at me, straight-faced and said “I’m sorry? Do I know you? I don’t work here”, smirked and walked away. Ah, I fear my head. This woman then started shouting “You think I came here to play abi”. I had to deal with the lady myself. It was horrible abeg. I still can’t believe my boss did that.

Nicely unempathetic

My boss is nice. Like he is very cool but empathy is not his strong key. He is like a robot. He doesn’t seem to understand why people dwell on things or hold on to what they cannot change. So my father was sick for a long time. Close to his death, he requested that everyone come to see him. My parents don’t stay in Lagos with me. It was impromptu really but I told my boss about it. Do you know what he said? “Will seeing you save his life or make him feel better?” I was honestly taken aback. He said he didn’t see any reason why I was asking for leave to go somewhere I would make no impact. The man is a nice man but I honestly went back to my office to write my resignation letter. It was the HR that intervened and my permission was granted.

Hot head leader

My boss had a very terrible temper. She has no problem embarrassing her employees. This was a clothing store. Because of how “bougie” she is, she does not let anyone use the same bathroom as her. There are two bathrooms in the store. She marked one with “Staff only” but she is really the only one that uses it. One time while shopping, this pregnant lady walks up to me and told me she needed to use the bathroom. I told her where the bathroom was and she said it has been occupied for the longest time and she doesn’t think she can hold her pee any longer. She was pregnant, my boss wasn’t there yet so I let the lady use the other bathroom. Like film trick, the moment the lady was coming out of the bathroom, Jezebel walked in. She was mad. Like she didn’t even hide it. When she found out I was the one who let the lady in, she slapped me. Like she actually slapped me and screamed at me. In front of everyone in the shop. I know there are no jobs out there but nothing was worth that. I pushed her, took my bags and left. Never came back.


Last year my boss told us that we were not going to get any Christmas bonus. It was the most devastating thing because I needed that bag of rice. He said the company could not afford it, that we performed really poorly. He even threatened our jobs. He said some of us would not join the company in January. Fear don already dey catch me. Only for us to see the lavish wedding party he threw for his daughter in Dubai!!! In the same December. This man used our bonus to do wedding for his daughter and didn’t even invite us. Na so this country take spoil so.

Bathroom or lunch

I use to work in the telecommunication customer service centre. We had this new supervisor that I am sure walked out from hell. He brought up rules upon rules. The worse was the bathroom and lunch policy. He said he wanted us to always be on top of our game. At first, if anyone got up to use the bathroom, he will want to use eye to kill the person. Then he said we are only allowed to get up from our chairs once a day. So If you are getting up to use the bathroom, forget about lunch. He said he sees no reason why grown-ups could not hold down their bladder. And we are only allowed 15mins break for the entire day. If he needed slaves, he for talk o. I did it the first week, I almost died. I am not joking. Choosing between eating and shitting eh. The next week, I did not even answer him. I wanted to see what would happen. I first stood up to go pee. Next, I got up again to have lunch. He was screaming at me to sit down. I walked straight to him and said: “Guy, do your worse” and walked away. I got up five times that day and it felt good. I got a query the next day. I was ready for all of them. I quarrelled very well. My wife would be proud. I told them if they want to fire me for trying to keep my sanity, then they should. It got to management. They were not aware of these new rules. They told the supervisor to go easy on the rules. I became everyone’s hero.

Tip for the company

I work in a restaurant. You know in this Naija, it can be really hard to get tips. Small tip that customers will give, my boss will take it. She will say anything given inside the restaurant belongs to the restaurant. Like she would sit down and be watching everyone like a hawk. Anyone that was tipped, she would ask that you submit it. She will say she pays salary so what else do we want. Ah!! It was not a small thing o. Just Saturday here, I got tipped big. The man likes me. He comes to eat every time because of me. He gave me an envelope after paying. When he left, my madam just came and said I should hand her the envelope. I told her it was mine and I was not going to give it to her. She was shouting here and there but I mean her this time. If she wants to fight, no wahala. As she was talking, more customers were coming in, I walked away to attend to them. I came back to see this woman going through my bag to find the envelope. I dragged my bag, shouted the living Jesus into her eh. She thinks she is the only one that can shout. Told her to respect herself. She was shocked at how bold I was. She left my things alone. Her eyes were on me all day that day. After closing, I just grabbed my things and left. I will go to work tomorrow still. Let me see what she will do. Rubbish thing.

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