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6 Worst Food Combination

In Nigeria, people love to explore food combinations. What is life if you cannot play around with food and experiment with new things? If you are looking to try new food combinations, look no further. This is the right place to start at your own risk.

Rice & Okro

I guess some people just wake up one morning and decide that all the poverty, tribulation and pain of third world countries should be packaged and served to them on a plate.

Bread & Porridge

I think we should blame all these new generation Nigerian chefs for this one. 

Rice & Yam

I can’t believe human beings – actual human beings – devouring this meal.

Eba & Beans

I will give you a moment to process this. As a matter of fact, take a minute. You’ll need it

Fufu & Fried egg

I totally understand if you don’t believe this one because if I didn’t see it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it either.

Indomie & Bread

Life can’t be too hard to try this


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