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6 office accidents that will make you jittery

Mature Hispanic businessman falling down the stairs

Accidents happen, right? No one actually plans for them, I mean that’s why they are called accidents. And because they are accidents, they can happen anywhere, even at the office.

Read below these five accidents that may (or not) get you jumpy, cringy and laugh… Mind you, some of these “accidents” were not actually an accident.


A shocked copy

I went to make copies of a document needed for my presentation. I was very excited as it was my very first presentation. I had a great plan. I was nervous and excited. I had been rehearsing all night. I was ready for this. I just needed to make copies of my doc. I put the paper in the copy machine, the moment I pushed the start button, I blacked out. I woke up in the hospital. Apparently, the copy machine shocked me and I fell unconscious- Sophia, 23

Off the ladder

So my office is quite large. It has a window view. I keep it close mostly because, well, too many lights. The window guy was cleaning my windows. He was on his ladder because the place is pretty tall. I was working at the time. I was so focused on my work, backing the window. The curtain kept opening and the lights reflecting on my laptop was very annoying. I kept trying to adjust it, but it refused to be on my side. I completely forgot about the young man cleaning the windows. It was his cleaning that kept pushing the curtain, I dragged the curtain in an attempt to adjust it, the young man’s ladder was apparently on part of the curtain and he fell. He is ok. His left arm is broken though.– Noah, 34

Stapled on command

My boss is really a bitch. I am not even mincing words. She yells every request and complains about everything. Well, here is the “accident”. She called me into her office and stretched a document my way with one hand, while the other was holding her phone to her ear. When I tried to collect the phone, she eyed me and shook the document. I didn’t know what she wanted me to do. She kept talking on the phone and laughing. Ya, witches laugh too. She kept shaking the document and finally shook it towards the stapler. She wanted me to staple the document. She was busy on the phone and I kept trying to tell her to lift her finger off the back of the paper so I can do as she wanted but again, she was eyeing me. She didn’t know her finger was in the way, I didn’t know how else to tell her, so I stapled– SEYI, 27

Clash of colleagues

I honestly do not know what happened between these two girls but one day they were friends and the next they just stopped talking. On this special day, one was so mad cos her ex-friend moved her food from the microwave to heat up hers. Miss A explained that the timer had already counted down before she removed it but Miss B said it was a lie as her food was still cold. From dragging to remove Miss A food from the microwave to pushing Miss B to the ground and then, the fight. E sweet me sha. They were just shouting and insulting each other. Funny day. – Chidi, 29

How the boss fell

So my boss was rushing for a meeting. Big guy, like literally. He ran towards the elevator, kept pushing the buttons like that makes it work any faster. He was impatient, so he ran towards the stairs. Big mistake. Apparently, the stairs were just cleaned so it was still “slippery wet”. I don’t know if he didn’t see the sign or if he just ignored it but he went with speed and came down even faster. I don’t mean to laugh, but my Lord. It was funny abeg. Ah. He is very big so him rolling down the stairs uncontrolled like that is an image I can never get out of my head. Chai. Falling na bastard sha. And no, I didn’t laugh in front of him. I love my job.- Juliet, 30

Permission for a beating

So I got suspended but as far as I am concerned, it was an accident. This guy always does this shit to me. If I get tired and decide to take a quick nap, he takes me pictures. The bad part is when he puts it on the office group. I have told him severally to stop but he just would not. My boss then asked me if I am always sleeping. I had nothing to say because that is how this self-acclaimed joker has made me look. I was really angry. I got to the office, asked my team lead what the penalty was for fighting in the office, he said two weeks suspension without pay. I said ok, went to the guy’s table and gave him the beating of his life, went to my seat and waited for my suspension. I got a month because, well, me going to ask my team lead that question showed that it was pre intended. Pretty sure the bastard will think twice before taking my pictures again– Samuel, 29

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