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Being a personal assistant is not easy at all. I have been working for this lady since December. At first it seemed like a n opportunity of a life time. I thought I was going to be doing a lot of executive work, go on meetings with her, represent her in places she could not be in, etc. But none of that has been the case. In fact, I have now turned her House Boy

My boss runs a finance company. She is the MD and I am her personal assistant. When I first saw the vacancy for the position, I honestly did not want to apply. Part of me was saying being a PA sounds like a girl’s job but my girlfriend, strong a feminist she is said it was like me saying guys should not be nurses and it was sexist to call PA work, a woman’s job

She had a point. The offer was good and I was jobless so I decided to try my luck and as life would have it, I got the job. My boss was really nice to me. She told me what she expected of me and it all sounded “do-able”.

When I started, it was really nice. I followed my boss to meetings, she introduced me to people as her assistant and said they could always reach her through me. I took notes for her, helped write plans and reports for her. I was learning a lot. She is an amazing person. She inspires me a lot.

Lately however, I do way more than office duties. It started with her asking me to grab her a cup of coffee before coming to the office. This was not a problem, I mean, its just coffee. Then next she asked me to go grocery shopping for her and take it to her house. It was weird but I did it anyway. Then one time, I followed her to a meeting and she gave me her handbag to hold for her during the course of the meeting. It was a full gathering and I was standing there like a dunce with a woman’s handbag. E pain me o

Before the lockdown, the new thing was for me to come work in her house. That was not even the issue. The issue came when she will send me errands like “boil noodles or water for me”. She says it with joke but you know she is not actually joking. Last time I was there, the house was dirty and she just “ah my cleaner has not still come. Please Femi just help me sweep this place so person can work well”. See eh, I wanted to use that broom stick to flog her.

Haba, na personal assistant I be na, not houseboy. Even my girlfriend is not happy with the situation again. We can be together like this and this woman has told me go pick up a package or groceries for her. She is nice to me o. Many times, I have gotten free packages from her but still, this is not what I signed up for or is this what being an assistant is? Because to God who made me, she will soon come and ask me to wash her pant.

The lockdown has given me a big break from her wahala. She only sends me files to work with or calls I need to make or meetings I need to schedule. So, hail RONA because I honestly wanted to quit this job


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