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My Boss Is A Disgusting Scum

Hi Horus

Arrrgh!!! Where do I start? This man disgusts me. I work as his executive assistant and for that reason, he thinks he can use me to lie left and right.

This man is married with kids!!! A supposed “reputable” man in the society but every single weekend, I arrange “meetings” for him and his mistresses. His office is some sort of mini-brothel.

When I got hired, I really admired this man. I would tell people of what a father figure he was. I opened my mouth to say, I wanted a man like him to marry me. May the heavens revoke my words. Every weekend this man would ask me to set up a meeting here or there. I didn’t think anything of it. I started noticing I was always booking hotels. His meetings were mostly with women, that’s when I started catching along. The longer I stayed in the company, the more he got comfortable telling me of his many many girlfriends.

I feel so sorry for his wife. One day she came to the office to see her husband. The he-goat was inside with one of his whores. I called him to tell him his wife was here, not so long after he came out with the girl, shaking her hand as if they just had a successful meeting. She was dressed in an official costume, just how he likes it, so it was easily believable. It was painful to watch. It was more painful because I too had to play along.

He doesn’t hit on me or disturbs me. He has a weird no mixing work with pleasure policy so thank God for that one. But it is still annoying. He uses me to lie. Tells his wife to call me to confirm meetings and all and I comply. I feel so dirty

I was happy with the lockdown because I didn’t get to see his face or make stupid arrangements because the fool is scared to die too. He stayed home all through with his wife and kids. Now I am back to work and our routine is back

The job is good and the pay is very good but honestly I am tired of playing pimp. This is not good for my conscience at all.

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