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#JusticeForIzu: You Kill Us Too

Do you remember the time when you were young, like really young and someone accused you of something you didn’t do and then you got flogged for it or worse, reported to your parents.

How do you feel whenever you remember those days? Are you angry? I know I am. I will never forget Ngozi. I am pretty sure if I see her I will remind her how she made my mom flog me in front of the whole school for something I did not do.

She stole sweets from the kiosk in school and hid it in my bag. I saw her put something in my bag but I took it lightly because she was my friend and I didn’t even reason to check what she was doing. When questions were asked and bags being checked, I confidently gave my school bag to be checked and that was how I became a thief.

No matter how hard I cried and try to explain that I did not do it, the sweets were found in my bag. I guess that was all the evidence needed.

I think I just felt the cane on my poor back again.

I was a kid when this happened, I could have easily forgotten but here I am reminiscing. That is exactly how it is when you are accused of something you never did. You never get over it

Now to the case of late Izu. A man accused of rape.

Rape is one of the most sensitive issues in the world. When a woman says she was raped, before questions are asked, all pitchforks and torches are out looking for the rapist to be burnt at the steak.

For a lady to see this as an advantage, weaponize it and use it for popularity, trend or to punish another fellow human is an act straight from hell. It is not something that should get any form of patting.

Rape is a forced sexual intercourse. It is is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration carried out against a person without that person’s consent. It cannot be done online.

For some weeks, there have been movements fighting for the rights of women, pushing for justice for rape victims, celebrities being called out and many others. A false accusation rubbishes all these.

Accusing someone falsely is not ok. Izu committed suicide for being wrongly accused. According to the trends on twitter, he never even met his accuser, Nani. He refused her advances and she called him out as a rapist.

He is not the first one who has been wrongly accused. I have read many articles of people who served jail time for rape cases they were actually innocent of. It is very unfair!!!

Many women believe men are strong enough to take the heat but before they are “men”, they are humans. And I must add that in a time when we are preaching equality, it is truly appalling that a person still says “na man e be, he go handle am”.

Lets say the man did something to offend you. Will ruining his entire life really prove a point?

When the movie “when they see us” was released, the lot of us cursed the government for not fighting for those boys. The police were cursed and so was the prosecutor. Those boys wasted years serving for crimes they had nothing to do with.

Before you start saying that was a racist issue, do not forget that it all started with a lady being raped. The lady may not have been the accuser but like the authorities who falsely accused those boys, you as a false victim are no better.

Those boys may have survived but many others did not. Many died out of emotional and mental trauma. Like Izu, many resulted to suicide.

When girls decides to lie about being a rape victim and drags an innocent man, she doesn’t just hurt that man, she hurts all rape victims. She makes their case seem like lies, she makes everything they fight for look like rubbish. And yet someone somewhere is still justifying this?

We boldly ask men “what if she was your sister” when a girl is raped. Now I ask you ladies, what if it was your brother that was falsely accused of rape and then commits suicide? Would you find it funny?

He is dead and nothing can change that but when a crime is committed, justice should be served. People who use rape as a tool against others are as bad as rapist. In my opinion, they are even worse.

Rape is not a case to be joked around with. If you cannot sympathize with the man who just killed himself for being falsely accused, then for the sake of all actual victims whose cases are now being rubbished, seek justice.

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