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There is a popular belief that tells us to keep our goals to ourselves until it is achieved so that others can only see the result. But I believe that with the right crowd, you can achieve your goals by telling your friends and family what those goals are.

It’s like this, when you tell someone your goals, you tend to be accountable to them or at least more accountable to your goals. For example, if I tell my friends that I will start a business on the 5th of December, that motivates me more to make sure that my business actually starts then. I would definitely be embarrassed if I have nothing to tell my friends or my family at that time. Do you get the point now?

A friend in this context is relative. Your friend can be a person, a place, a thing or an app. Let’s talk about the app that can be your friend, your accountable friend. Let’s talk about TUDO.

TUDO pronounced “to-do” is the best financial app you can ever think of having on your phone. TUDO is that friend that holds you accountable to your goals. TUDO is that friend that helps you reach your target savings. TUDO is that friend that helps you organize funding for you in order to reach your goals.

Even if you can turn off your notifications and silence an app from reminding you about certain goals, you eventually have to open it someday and then comes the guilt of realizing that you never reached your goals at your targeted time.

With TUDO, you can create different savings plan and create a TUDO goal.

The Savings plan is inclusive of target savings, where you set targets for yourself and continuously add cash till you reach your target periodic savings, which enables you save by locking up your funds within a set period of time.

The best part is, you decide if you want interests in any of your savings or not, so, MORE MONEY!

The TUDO goal is really interesting. In my opinion, this is the best feature on the app. With it I get to set defined goals for myself and can let everyone in on it. They can contribute to help me reach my goal even faster. This kind of reminds me of “AJO,” the local savings platform, but in a more awesome way, considering the fact that it is digital.

TUDO is like that social media platform where we all try to achieve our financial goals. So instead of thousands of likes on a picture, we get thousands of contributions on a set goal.

On TUDO, you can have a group goal. Yes, you and your friends or family can have a common goal and save towards it. This feature is my personal favorite.

My friends and I just got a three-room apartment. I created a TUDO group account aimed at redecorating our apartment and I added my friends. I made it a closed group so it can just be me and my girls involved – yes, you get to do that.

Here is the sweet thing, anytime money is withdrawn from this group, we all get notified. Talk about accountability, ya? We plan on using this to push for our Dubai getaway in December. We definitely would not close this group. We would open it to all who has our link so they can push us to reach our target. I am very excited.

I know I said that TUDO reminds me of “AJO” but I absolutely do not fear that anyone would be running away with my money. I will be sticking with this.

They say it’s a lonely road to the top. It really doesn’t have to be. You can reach for the stars and even higher and you can take your friends with you. So why not make that move?

You know what TUDO!!

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