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Injuries You Can Get During Intimacy

When it comes to sex most of us think pleasure, but sometimes there is pain… and not in a good way. It’s not uncommon for men and women to experience (brace yourselves) agonising sex injuries – from tears to burns and even broken penises.

1.  Penile Fracture. You probably already know that penile fractures are real. Not only are they real, but they’re also common too. It occurs when the penis accidentally hits the wrong place such as the pubic bone of the lady. The penis is made up of three cylindrical tubes, two of which fill up with blood when a man becomes aroused. The tissue surrounding these tubes also expands. But, if the penis is hit with it can bend and cause a pressure overload in the tubes and in turn cause a rupture.

If this happens you need to see a doctor immediately. Some sex positions such as women on top are known to cause penis breakage.

2.  Vaginal Tear. A vaginal tear is exactly what it sounds like, a small cut or tear to the entrance to the vagina, or the vaginal wall. It is when your vagina tears during sex- like it would during childbirth. Lack of lubrication, rough sex or a big penis can cause vagina tears. In most cases, the tear will heal on its own, but if it’s large you should see a doctor.

3.  Breaking your bones. Generally speaking, it’s the extremities that suffer most breaks during sex. If you are into kinky stuff or are the rough type, you can easily twist or break your limbs. Always take it slow and remove any obstacles that can cause accidents during sex.

4.  Foreign objects. Zucchinis, eggplants and candles should never be used as sex toys. You should never put anything in the vagina that’s not designed to go in the vagina. Condoms, vibrators and other toys can also get lost or stuck in the vagina.

If you lose anything down there you need to see a doctor.

5.  Slipping in the bathroom. Although having sex in different places can be mind-blowing, the bathroom should not be one of the places. It is very easy to slip and get injured. It’s pretty common to hit your head, which can lead to head trauma or a concussion in serious cases. If you’ve already taken the step to have sex in the shower, keep the positions simple and forgo the lube; it’ll just make the shower or tub floor more slippery.

6.  Yeast infection. While sex does not cause yeast infections, they more commonly occur in women who are sexually active. Most women who get yeast infections from sex get them either from receiving oral sex or from having sex with a guy who has some saliva on his penis. Try to make sure your partner is clean before engaging in sex.

7.  Urinary tract infection. Anyone who’s ever gotten one of these knows they’re a real pain. And sadly, you can get them from having lots of sex. Some women are unlucky enough to suffer through these even without sex, just by wearing tight clothes. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water to flush out any bacteria and see a doctor in case you need antibiotics.

8.  Food irritation. It’s totally sexy to bring strawberries and whipped cream into the bedroom. And, in a pinch, foods like coconut oil even make for decent lube. But in most cases, food is not a sexy friend. When you eat spicy food before sex, it turns all the pleasure to absolute disaster. However it happens, you’re going to feel the burn unless you do something to neutralise it.

Try soap and water or some milk on the affected area – and be gentle with it for the coming few days.

9.  Carpet burn. Nothing tells your colleagues that you had a wild night like friction burns on your knees. This is one of the most commonly reported sex injuries, but it rarely results in a sheepish hospital visit. As with any kind of burn through, make sure you wash the area with cool water and antibacterial soap afterwards. Try using an antibiotic ointment afterwards to keep it from getting infected.

10.               Death. The most serious of sex-related injuries is a heart attack which can lead to subsequent death. It takes a certain level of fitness to have sex, so people with preexisting conditions need to be aware. If you’ve had a heart attack in the past or other major cardio issues, check with your doctor to see if you can safely perform the act. Sex accounts for 0.6 per cent of all sudden deaths. Might not sound much, but when you consider how many people die suddenly all over the world, it suddenly becomes a terrifying figure. If you or your partner has any kind of chest discomfort, play it safe and postpone the action.

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