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You’ve been given a free card to cheat. Are you taking it?

Hey everyone,

We ask weird questions, don’t we? Well we like picking your brains and let’s face facts, at a time in your life, one of these questions have popped into your head so you’re twisted too 😁😁

Alright then, let’s head on to it. I took my time and was reading a lot about open relationships. An open relationship is really just cheating if you ask me but you know, with permission. As much as you want to sugarcoat it, you’re cheating on your partner.

In my state of thoughts, I reached out a few Horus followers and asked them about cheating with permission. I got a lot of hilarious responses and I would love to share them with you.

Feel free to share your own thoughts on the comment section below

Well it’s not really cheating if I have her permission, is it? I mean I love my woman but who am I to dishonour her request. Permission will be taken and used o”– DABO

“It sounds like a trap. I’m not taking it. And woe betide any guy who does. I genuinely feel sorry for them already”– EZE

“First of all, there is nothing like permission to cheat. If my man ever says that to me, I’ll know he is tired of the relationship and is looking for a card to get out of it. How can a man that claims he loves me, give me permission to go be with another man? No no no”– CYNTHIA

“Funny you should ask that. I am currently doing that but calling it permission to cheat’ is quite strong. My partner and I just decided to go into an open relationship. Believe it or not, it has made our relationship even better”– HONESTY

Lol. Do I really need permission to do something I am already doing? Well, I will act like I accepted it so it would all be legal because na normal thing. Many guys have side bae already. The permission will just make it legal for us”CHIMA

“It depends on who is giving the permission. If it’s my girlfriend (who I am unsure of a future with), yes I will take it. But if it’s my wife, my forever, no way. I will have too much respect for her to do that. That will be my Queen, such permission should not be thought of”_ JEREMY

“So he can cheat and say I did it too? Mtchwww. If he is cheating, he should just confess lets fight, kiss and makeup. What is all the rubbish permission to cheat? Let’s be guided” SIMBIAT

“That sounds like a trap abeg. All this open relationship, permission and all that crap, it’s all a trap. Anyone that does it, is testing their relationship. As for me, it’s a no no. I am not accepting that permission”– ISRAEL

“Phew!!! I will take it o. Not gonna lie. I will. I will try to turn it into a fantasy thing. Make videos so me and girl can watch and act ours. If she is up for it, then yes, I will take it”– KEN

“I will take it. Why not? Should be fun. He cheats all the time. I now have permission to do so too. Let’s then. If he loses me in the process, that’s his problem.”– ADA


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