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8 Breakup Stories That Will Hurt Your Heart, Because Ugh…

Breakups can either break you or make you. But whatever the case may be, there must have been one time, one moment in time, your breakup must have hit badly, unless you never liked the person. Even then, it still would suck.

What did your worse breakup feel like? These 8 Nigerians share their story


The worst heartbreak has to be the one with my last girlfriend. I had stayed with her the longest (3 years) and it hurt a lot. We dated in school and it was great but the moment that phase was over life realities began to dawn on us and she just wasn’t feeling it anymore. Probably the need to explore other options. Those months after the breakup were the hardest. Everything I ate felt like ash in my mouth and I was really sad. But I was able to jump out of it and I’m fantastic now 😁😁


So I was sick and called this guy to come to take me to the hospital but he said no and he would pray for me, I thought I would die that night but miraculously, my roommate came back from her boyfriend’s house and took me to a clinic… A week later, he came to my hostel to tell me that I was an experiment he wanted to test out and I was assuming the whole relationship the entire six months. A few weeks later, I caught my close friend and roommate in bed with him. It broke my self-esteem cos she was prettier and curvier while I was small. I was depressed for a year


The real reason was she was tired of me and started dating someone else while I was there, the reason she told me was flimsy, something about me not listening to feelings, like that shit is audible. I found out later somehow the real reason and shit pissed me tf off. Shit affected my whole being, I went from being so fucking hurt and bad at work to being unnecessarily mean, tried to date again a couple times but that didn’t work, I was really messed up, I probably still am, it’s the one and only time and I got a lesson I won’t forget.


He has a relationship but she’s outside the country I was fresh from leaving a relationship so he gave me all the attention and all even gave me the girlfriend vibe not knowing he’s planning his introduction with the overseas girlfriend then he started giving attitude and I thought I had done something wrong🥺 he later told me on the morning of his introduction not to ruin his mood because he’s having his introduction and that happened to be the same morning I was going to tell him I’m pregnant.


I’ve never really had a bad breakup….maybe because I’ve had just one relationship before my current relationship..well those 2go relationship doesn’t count right? Lol, breaking up wasn’t an easy task..when you know the other party is definitely gonna get hurt. It took me a lotta time to agree on breaking up, because didn’t want to hurt anyone and was hopeful for change too. But change never happened and the toxicity was too much for me to handle. When I finally had the courage to, it seemed like it was a joke to him, he was up and high thinking I could never break up with him. Dears this boy was already talking marriage and all…with the family pastor even confirming I’m the one for him..I laughed the day he told me that..he didn’t sha take the breakup nicely because he blocked me and my friends on every social media platform and had his family block me too. And I’m happy all of that happened. It was the best decision I made last year.


I was dating this guy or at least I thought I was. I was in a really dark place in my life. Maybe I leaned on him too much on that note. But in my life then where everything seemed dark, I believed he was the only light in it. To be honest, when we started, I was really into him as my friend. I was lonely, I needed a friend. Nothing more. But he kept pushing, even introduced me to his mother. I didn’t like it at all but went on with it. Baba pushed and became my knight in shining armour till I finally caved. My mistake. Didn’t even take two months before another music started playing. He stood me up twice. Said we were going out and I got dressed but he never showed or picked up to give an excuse. The movie we were supposed to see together, he saw it with someone else. Saw nudes that didn’t belong to me on his phone. He gave a fucked up excuse and afterwards, he just ghosted me. I was crushed and embarrassed. Next time I heard from him, he was dating. Told me he already told his mother we were not together and turns out I was dating myself all along cos he had that girl since. It was honestly more than I am saying. I know I leaned on him but it wasn’t to choke him. I never did that, and he knows. It was because I was going through a very difficult time and at that time, he was my listening ear and shoulder to cry on, lol. What a joke!! I know I didn’t deserve it but its all good now. Learnt so much from it. I can honestly say I am a better me now 😁.


After seven years of being with this girl, yes I wasn’t the best boyfriend in the world, but I loved this girl so much. We had been dating since university days. I graduated before she did. She came to see me in my place one time. We were in bed together. She received a message from someone that she attached a heart emoji to his name. I asked who that was and she said it was her friend in school. Talked about how close they were. I shrugged it off. The next morning, she was taking her bath and I heard her laughing and giggling in the bathroom. See me feeling like being romantic and I decided to join her. I entered the bathroom balls naked and saw she was on a video call with this guy, NAKED!!! IN MY FUCKING HOUSE!!! I walked out. I was mad pissed. She came out. She didn’t even say anything. She was forming angry, packed her things and started leaving. I tried stopping her and she started hitting me. Told me to leave her alone, that she is tired and she actually came to break up with me, it’s just that it was my birthday and she wanted it to pass before ripping off the bandage. That’s it. That’s how she left me. I was broken. I won’t even sugarcoat it. I was hurt in different ways. Drank for weeks, cried even. But it didn’t change anything. I lowkey still hate her


Mine is pretty funny. I liked this guy o. We connected a lot. What scared me about him was his mood swings. He can be so sweet and cuddly and next he acts like he didn’t know me. Got so mean. I was already getting tired of it sef. Then he came to break up with me. He said he has multiple personality syndrome. He said he really likes me, but the other guy in him can’t stand me…. It was funny but I accepted it o. Before he kills me one day and says it was the other guy’s fault. I just told him, “I dont see how this would work if all three of us can’t get along” and that was it. Good luck to whoever the second freak likes.


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