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7 Signs That You Just Might Be In a Situationship

There are so many relationship statuses these days that we can barely keep up. Before we had just married and single. Then we moved to “single, in a relationship, its complicated, married, engaged, divorced” and if you thought that was complicated, what do you make of what we have now? There are so many. Before you even get to the “relationship” stage, you may have jumped through so many bumps.

These days we have, “single, talking, vibing, FWB, entanglement, situationship, dating, relationship, engaged, married, separated and divorced”. If I am being honest, I may even be missing some. Last last this our generation do too much.

If you are thinking of your relationship status right now then there is a problem o. Sit and let’s talk. I would really love to get into all these many relationship status but that would be such a long read. Let’s just talk about “SITUATIONSHIP”.

What is a situationship? Are you in a situationship? How do you know when you are in one? Could that lead to an actual relationship? Sit back darling, this is going to be interesting.

So a situationship is that fine line between a relationship and friendship. It is sort of like “friends with benefit” but with a little more spice because there are actual feelings and hope of a relationship but it is just somehow and you are not exactly sure, it is not defined. Lol, confused yet? Yea we are too. But that’s what it is

Are you in a situationship? Here are 7 signs to look out for,

You make short-term or last-minute plans.

If you are constantly making last-minute plans with the person you are seeing, then love, that is a situationship. In an actual relationship, plans are mostly made ahead of time. Think aborrit

Your conversations are usually superficial and sexual.

Yes, sexual talks are very delicious. But is that all you two talk about? When it comes to real-life shit, who do you talk to? If it’s not to your partner, I am sorry to tell you, but you are in a situationship.

You haven’t met their friends or family.

No dear, that is not a big step, especially if you have been with this person. A person you are in a relationship with will at least tell a sibling about you. You should have had a small conversation or met someone in their circle.

You haven’t defined your relationship.

This is a given. If you are in a relationship, you ought to have talked about it. That conversation should be had. You’re in a situationship if you keep finding yourself justifying your lack of label.

Making plans without them.

If you find yourself making future plans, planning work parties, holidays, etc with your homies or girls, and you don’t think of extending to do the “boo or bae” getaway or time, then you probably are in a situationship. You tend to think about the one you are in a relationship with, in most of your plans and vice versa.

Texting with no calls or facetime.

I mean text messages are cool. You waking up to a message from the loyl’s beautiful message can really melt your heart. But no calls? or Facetime? So the only time you see is when you want to HOOKUP? You sef reason am na. You may not like phone calls, but when you are in a relationship with someone, none of that would matter. You just want to hear them or see them, virtually or whatnot.

You find yourself anxious.

Just because situationships are expectation-free doesn’t mean they’re stress-free. You know you’re in a situationship when you feel anxious about a lot of things. The anxiety shows due to uncertainty, ambiguity, and ambivalence. You don’t know if going out with another person is cheating or if asking for more time is too much to ask for. If that is you, then you are in a situationship

Now that you know the signs, you should also know that a situationship can advance into a relationship. But don’t pin it on us if you find yourself in the “WHAT ARE WE” conversation.

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