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7 Hidden truths only OGs Know about sex.

The whole world is so experienced sexually. Or so it appears.

With many people giving hot takes on how important sex is in a relationship, or how they need it to get past trauma or how it is therapeutic so much they can’t wait to start having it when they date (we all know yall f*cking even while single though), you will think there is nothing new to learn about sex.

However, do not let the online drama and excess hype (about the entanglement of limbs, gyrating rhythmically towards a glorious climax) fool you. 

Sex is only the be all and end all to those who aren’t getting enough of it. To OGs (Original gangsters) like us, its just meh.

Before you start making life decisions based off horniness (no judgement here, we have been there before), here are some things only OGs know about sex.

It is important you know this before you let those people online set you up for “coital disappointment” (we made that word up lol).

  1. You don’t need to spend too much time on it:

Take it from someone who has been having repeated, wild sex all their lives. No matter how delicious and exciting it is to prove your prowess online and show that you are not a one-minute man or woman, you do not need to spend undue time hammering at your partner’s genitals with yours, like you are drilling for oil. 

Peno-Vaginal intercourse in itself, is friction and like it or not, friction causes heat, and wear. Picture a car engine that is running for days on end. Even with oil,  it will wear out and may even start to fall apart. 

“In a 2005 survey of 34 members of the Society for Sex Therapy and Research (SSTAR), sex therapists said 3 to 7 minutes was an “adequate” amount of time for vaginal sex to last (in this case, that meant P-in-V sex) and 7 to 13 minutes was “desirable.” (”

Remember, it is all about showing your partner how selfless you can be in the primal art of intercourse, not having a scorecard to brandish online to get clout. It is all about pleasing your partner and pleasing yourself in the process. So no pressure. OGs know they cannot kee themselves in the name of naks

Pace yourself, no be government work. (If you fall below the average time repeatedly, you may need to see a doctor)

  1. You do not need to do it every time: 

After the honeymoon phase has passed, you tend to realize you are more interested in doing other things, than jumping into the sack to deliciously ravage your partner.

OGs, especially married people know that the best sex is not the one you have every day.

It is the sex you have after you may have taken a break from it. Or the one you did not plan to have, in the most unexpected place.

So all the tension builds up, to be released in an earth-shattering crescendo.  

This is not to say you should overlook the honeymoon phase of your relationship. By all means, consensually attack and get those feel-good chemicals flowing.

Just know that in the end, if you guys are still together after a year, you won’t need to always smash to prove attraction, and that’s fine.

  1. It won’t be great all the time and that’s also OK:

If we are being honest, we have days when the sex with a loved one may not slap like it used to.

This is because the mind may be willing, but your body may be weak. It is OK to accept the great, good and not so great days. Especially if you and your partner already have many great days up your sleeve.

Another reason the sex enjoyment curve may dip may be due to your routines, emotional issues and perhaps other things beyond your control.

Consciously noting the issues and doing one’s best to fix them will definitely take you back to the top of the line. In the end, OGs know that it takes conscious effort to increase the frequency of the days of great sex even after being together for long.

They also know to take the good and the bad times together in the spirit of building a great relationship together.

  1. Skill over size, but size matters too:

We have already mentioned that sex is friction.ction and sexual friction requires contact in the right places and at the right time. 

OGs understand sexual compatibility is largely dependent on both and even though we know that ultimately skill matters more, we also understand that size is important too.

No matter your skill, you can’t hit a certain spot from some positions if you don’t have the facilities for that big man. 

  1. Masturbation can help sex life:

Masturbation can make or mar your sex life but OGs who know their onions in the game, understand how it can be used to understand one’s body to ensure a more pleasurable entanglement with their partner.

A good example is how many guys tend to masturbate once prior to sex with their partner, to increase the time they spend during the act.

According to conversations with many guys, “Na second round dey always long pass first round”.

So technically, they do it to let off the initial excitement that may embarrass them, especially if they haven’t been active for a while, so they can turn up properly when the babe shows (wink wink).

For the ladies, masturbation helps them understand their bodies better so they can communicate with their partner on how they can enjoy it more. 

See: 5 ladies share their experience with masturbation

  1. Sex may prolong a toxic relationship but wont save it:

OGs in the game know that being “Dicmatized or pussywhipped” is real. 

This is a situation where you keep taking someone back despite how they treat you bad because you simply are too sexually attracted to them to think clearly. 

OGs steer clear of sleeping with toxic people because they understand the risks. 

This is believed to be the reason why many ladies can’t leave an undeserving man who is a serial cheat, and why some guys keep taking back their cheating girlfriends.

Once you get hooked by their sex game, you are finished. 

This will however, not save the relationship because in the end, common sense will always override those endorphins, leaving you with the regret of not leaving sooner and feeling abused.

  1. OGs know that sexual attraction is not love:

A lot of people find themselves perplexed by their lust for someone and love for another, and end up following their lust to bitter ends.

OGs know that sexual attraction is not love and even though they may be sleeping with and enjoying multiple orgasms with the said person when push comes to shove, love is a completely different ball game.

OGs know that love is a decision, not just a feeling, a commitment to how well you will treat someone irrespective of their flaws. 

OGs know how to be conscious about their sex life and not run wild because raging hormones cloud their vision.

Ultimately, the difference between an OG and other people is the ability to think clearly and rationally irrespective of the sometimes mind boggling desires running through their veins like molten magma.

Are you an OG? Did we miss anything out? Or have you learnt something new today? Tell us in the comments.

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