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10 people open up about their crazy sexual fantasies

WARNING!!! This post contains sexual content some people may find offensive. Please take note.

Fantasy is really what you have in your head. It can be sexual or not. Today it is. Sexual fantasies really pops up the socket or bring down the rain.

A good number of us (I believe we all but let’s leave it at some) have fantasies. Some mild, some extreme. But we are not here to judge, are we?

Many dark fantasies are usually locked in our minds, and kept on a hush!!! Why? We don’t want to scare our partners (existing or intending). Good thing we are here to help you let it out 😉

Without any judgement, here are 10 crazy fantasies for your perusal. Who knows, you might just relate to one.

Be careful how much time you spend on these, they may creep on you and become your fantasy


I know I am a bit extreme, maybe 50 shades did this to me but I always fantasize about tying up a girl face down, ass in the air and then using a paddle bat to whip her till she is red and sore before I slip right in. I don’t know why I just want to hear her scream and cry. This is why I refrain when my girl asks me to spank her. I don’t want to overdo things by mistake.


I usually fantasize having sex in a public place. Like I don’t care if people are watching. Just do it. Whenever I go see a movie with my boyfriend and he holds me, I just want to reach into his pants and just sit on him and scream and disturb make everyone else uncomfortable. Writing this sef is already doing my body somehow. I may try it, who knows


I want to watch my boyfriend have sex with someone else. I want them to entertain me. I may join them in the long run but I want to watch. He would do to her whatever I say and I will enjoy every bit of it. I want it so bad but these our Nigerian men are not loyal. I want the fantasy but I don’t want him running away with her 🙄


I’ve always had kind of a rape fantasy with my man, but I don’t think I could ever actually say that to him. He will just run away, I think. But I want him to dominate me, take complete control and just have all of me in whatever way he wants and I want him to do it by force


I have a dildo in my drawer. I have never used it but I really wish I could show it to my girlfriend. I want her to use it on me. I think about it so much. But if I tell her, she may think I am gay. I really am not, I just want her to use the dildo on me. She doesn’t even finger me, and I don’t know how to ask


I want to act amateur porn with my girlfriend. I would love to be filmed. It would be amazing, but my girlfriend would be completely against it, no idea why. I want to do the whole corny porn scenes and everything. We wouldn’t have to share it with anyone, I just would love it.


I want to watch my girlfriend have lesbian sex with another hot woman. I want to watch another woman make her moan and sweat, there is just something so hot about it. Her gripping the bed sheets and getting off by another woman. I just want to sit there and watch. Might join in but maybe after my girl cums like 2 times, then I go in for the kill


I want to be having sex with my boyfriend and have one or two of our friends walk in unexpectedly, but instead of doing “oops” and running out of the door, they join in on the fun. It’s always something I’ve fantasied about, but I wouldn’t want it planned. It has to be totally unplanned


I would love to be blindfolded and my hands tied behind my back. It is not uncommon or strange, its just what I want. I want him to bend me over and continuously spank me while talking dirty. I want to feel very helpless and have him take control because he is daddy!!


I want to have sex with a stranger. I wouldn’t even want to know his name. We just should establish eye contact, know that we want each other, look for the nearest place and f**k it out. It would be the best orgasm for me

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