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I have crazy fantasies about my boss

Hi Horus,

Where do I start? This has been going on for a while. I got this job after a full six months of joblessness and since I started, all I do is lust after my boss. Boy, is he handsome!!!

The first day I met him, my heart sank. Let me just thank God he was not the one that did my interview because I would have been a nervous wreck. The first time I met him, I didn’t even know he was my boss. I was walking into the office and bumped into him and he said “you must be the new girl” and smiled at me. Oh that smile is still making my heart melt

When I finally knew who he was was the day of orientation. He was introduced as the CEO and I was looking at him from his seat to when he got to the podium to address us. I was staring with mouth open. He’s so young and successful and a very well crafted man.

I didn’t want to start asking questions about him so it won’t be so obvious. I overheard some of my colleagues talking one time about his girlfriend. That’s how I knew he was single. Yes, I said single because girlfriend doesn’t mean anything. I sound selfish, I accept but please abeg

Anyway, one day we were having a meeting and he called out my name. I moaned when he did. I am not sure if he or anyone heard me o but hearing my name from his gorgeous lips was an absolute turn on. I was supposed to do a presentation that day, me, that is trained in public speaking was shaking like a worm. I couldn’t stop looking at him and he was smiling at me, encouraging me to go on. Waas he giving me signals? Why was he smiling like that? At that moment, my brain started having its own fantasy. It was like there was no one else there but us. HR had to call my attention and asked if I was fine because apparently, I had been quiet and staring into space for long.

I had to try to snap out of it and do my presentation as fast as I could so I could take my sit cos my legs were failing me.

One evening, I had to work late. I was in the office and I realized he was too. I finished my work early. I saw he was still around working and I sat down to wait. I don’t know what exactly I was waiting for or what I thought could happen but I was just waiting. As I sat and waited, I was fantasising about him walking into the office and just taking me whole on the office cubicle.

I was deep in my head and didn’t hear him actually walk in. He tapped me and asked me why I was still in the office. After struggling to find my words, I told him I was waiting for my Uber. He offered to drive me but I declined. Told him my place was not so far away.

I know what you are thinking but I had to decline. I would not want to lose my job so early. It took me so long to get here, I don’t want to ruin it over a fantasy. But the way he says my name though… May God help me

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