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Memories can be a funny thing. I drove past 3rd mainland bridge today and I just couldn’t help but remember my failed suicide attempt.

It was in 2018. I was jobless, homeless and just lost a huge sum of money. I didn’t see any reason to live. My failed suicide attempt led me to the best story and experience of life. And yes, I am grateful for getting on that bridge.

I use to stay with a friend. Lagos is not my original home. I moved here for career sake. I got a job; the pay good enough to pick me up.

I scrapped whatever I can as savings. I took in a side job, writing for people so I can gather some more cash and reach my savings goal even faster. I was saving towards getting my own place.

Susan was lovely but I didn’t want to over stretch her kindness and stay longer than I am supposed to. You know how these things are. Staying with a person especially when you are not paying for rent can get very complicated.

Anyway, at work, I was introduced to “Ajo”, a local savings platform. In case you do not know what AJO is, a local way of saving. Group of people come together and agree to drop a certain amount every month. At the end of every month, one person takes it all. It goes on like this till everyone has taken it all.

So, two of my colleagues and I agreed to this. I would give half my salary every month. I was supposed to be the last person to get the full package. That’s three months to wait. It was going to take a toll on me but the end result will be amazing. I just might be able to complete my rent money this way.

Susan told me she would be moving in with her fiancé after her rent expires. Her rent was supposed to expire in four months. I was not worried at all. I was confident that I will be able to get my own place before then.

It was the second month and it was now Ada’s turn to collect. We payed the money into her account. I was excited because I was next.  That is when life decided to take a toll on me

The company I worked sold to another and there was a huge reduction. Ada and I were affected. Because of this, she said she could not hold up to her part of the AJO as she didn’t know when and if she would get another job and she really had to keep all the money she could. Sandra, for this fact, even if she was not affected backed out too. I still do not understand her part of it.

I had just lost my job and my expected savings that was suppose to literally provide me my own shelter left me. I was confused. I had less than two months to figure my next movement. I cannot possibly ask Susan to stay for my sake. I started job hunting. Believe me, it was not going well. I finally started feeling like my “village people were after me”

Three months later, Susan had left for her fiancé’s and I was now sneaking into the house so the landlord would not spot me. I was so broke. I was barely eating. It was a really difficult time for me. I had an interview one morning; it was scheduled for 9am. As a citizen of Lagos, I left my house really early. I got into one of these private cars that lift passengers. They are relatively cheaper. But on this faithful day, it was a big mistake to enter a private car.

Apparently, I hopped into the car of armed robbers acting like lift cars. After a few blows, they made me give them my ATM pin, they drove to an ATM vestibule and one got down and withdrew all I had. I did get extra slaps for giving the wrong pin at first. I did not think they would take me with them to make the withdrawal.

I was dropped off at Gbagada. That was just it for me. Where was I to start from? I just kept walking until I found myself on 3rd mainland bridge. I felt like a failure. I could not stop crying. As I about to jump, a man rushed and put me to the ground

I do not remember much afterwards. I just remember a lot of people gathered and some kept asking me if I was crazy. My good Samaritan went on about how he was observing my movements from a far. Everyone was thanking him for saving my life but I didn’t feel same. I didn’t think he saved my life. I didn’t want to be saved. I felt like he ruined my death.

A lady who witnessed the whole thing took me to the hospital afterwards. At the end of the day, I was at her place. She didn’t ask me to talk about anything until the next day. She was really nice. Talking to her felt like a breeze. She told me she had an old car she was not currently using and I could use that to start uber services on hire purchase.

To cut the long story really short, I jumped on the opportunity. Soon enough I was able to deposit something as rent for Susan’s place. Yes, I decided to retain the place. Everything was going fine and more blessings came my way as one of my passengers introduced me to an app that is changing my financial story

My passenger told me about TUDO. When he started talking about it, I thought he was just marketing. Then he said something about doing AJO on it. After my first experience, I would have slapped him. Thank heavens I didn’t.

He explained that TUDO (pronounced to-do) is a financial social app. It helps you save and reach a financial milestone but not alone. You can invite your friends to join in your savings plan, save with them and many others

When I got home that day, I downloaded the app and created a group account. I titled it “clear my debt”. I sent the link to the group to my friends and asked them to share and help me clear my debt.

I am currently writing from my fully paid car, driving to my fully paid rented apartment and my friends and I have started a group savings for our “trip to Dubai”.

Best thing about TUDO is that it inspires you to do more. You can have a personal savings account if you choose. You can create a group account and bring your friends right in. No one can run with your money here because you get notified on each withdrawal made by you and your friends.

If you are all about privacy, that’s fine too, you can decide to create a private account or a closed group with you and a particular set of people. I find this app really friendly, easy to use and amazing

Everything I went through over the years brought me here and I wouldn’t have asked for it to be played differently

You don’t need to go through what I went through before getting that financial break. You really can reach any goal and do anything with TUDO and you don’t have to do it alone too. It doesn’t have to be a lonely road to the top. They say the best kinds of friends are the one you create goals with.

Create your goal achieving friends now and do it on TUDO. You cannot make a mistake with this.

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