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8 fun “stay-home” things you can do this 2020 Christmas

Christmas is in two days and the coronavirus says it doesn’t want anything “detty” this period. So it may likely be a “stay-home” Christmas. But that really is not a bad thing if you know what to do. I mean who says you can’t get “detty” indoors?

Even as the government has locked down a lot of bars, restaurants and other recreational centres, you can still go ahead and have your fun, get those drinks, buy that food, and so much more (thank Christ for online marketing)

Still, think it’s going to be a boring Christmas? Wait, I’m about to blow your mind with these 10 easy “stay-home” activities you can do this 2020 Christmas.

First thing’s first, you have to keep an open mind. Fun is really of the mind. You cannot have fun if your heart’s not into it. That said, here are 10 fun “stay-home” things you can do this 2020 Christmas

1. Have a Zoom Christmas Party.

Yes yes, I know we are tired of hearing this. You want the company and all. You can still have that company but you have to be safe. Now the lockdown policy is not as serious as before so you can have people over. Now let’s say you would normally have 20 friends over to the party, all you need to do now is reduce it to ten and let another friend take the other ten and this is when the Zoom call comes in. You both would have people over and still, get to virtually be in each other’s party. You can’t not have fun with this one.

2. Decorate your house

This year, Zenith bank did not grace the people of Lagos with beautiful decorations. That was quickly becoming a Christmas tradition but sadly, this is 2020 and well, “full stop”, it’s 2020. So since we won’t be going site seeing at the roundabout and taking pictures, why not take matters into your own hands. Decorate your home from inside to outside. Make your home look like a well-lighted Christmas tree, like Jesus himself sent down his light!!! Really, it should be fun. You can make it even more interesting by doing a competition with your friends on the “best and worse Christmas decorations”.

3. Watch a holiday movie

Come on!! This is a given. Every Christmas, we are graced with different Christmas holiday movies. If you can’t go to the movies, well thank the Lord for Netflix and if you don’t have that, there are thousands of sites to download movies from. Go ahead and enjoy a movie with popcorn and low light with somebody’s son or daughter or with your family. You can never go wrong with that.

4. Go Caroling

Not exactly a stay-at-home thing but trust me, this will definitely be fun. You can’t go to restaurants or bars or those other fun things you would normally do, so how else would you bring the cheer if not carolling? You and your friends or family can go door to door to sing Christmas carols to the neighbours. It won’t even matter if you can’t sing so well because everyone would have a good laugh at the end of the day.

5. Make a gift card with Christmas photos

Pictures hold a lot of memories so why not create more memories by taking some family Christmas pictures? You can name it, “The 2020 Christmas” or “The stay-home Christmas” or get crazy and “ho-ho-ho 2020. I still had fun” (ok I went overboard with that last one but you got the idea). You can play dress-up with your family, neighbours and friends and take beautiful pictures. After the goofy pictures (because I am assuming you all would get crazy), make a Christmas card out of it and send to friends, neighbours and family members. Share your jolly spirit with them.

6. Play secret Santa

Christmas is about giving, right? So since you can not go all detty this December, why not give and put a smile on someone’s face. If you have a large family, then this one is perfect for you, and no, it is not too late to have a secret Santa. You do not need to break the bank to buy a gift. You can do DIYs in the house, buy simple items and anything that comes to mind. The idea here is to have fun and there is nothing fun about breaking the bank so go easy and make it thoughtful or at least funny.

7. Have a sleepover

If not a zoom party, then a sleepover would be great. But you still need to observe the COVID-19 guidelines. Invite your friends over or have a family sleepover. You can play games, have a cookout, dance and so much more. Sleepovers are generally a nice idea (if no one is a serial killer) and it is a nice way to bond this Christmas.

8. Create your own Christmas Show

Everything is online right now, so why not take the advantage and have your own Christmas show. You can name it “Christmas with… (insert your name). You can have a little “keeping up with the Kardashian” kind of thing. Show your audience what you are up to this Christmas, do a Live call, party with your audience, do a Christmas cooking show and anything that jumps in your pretty head. You can take the opportunity to create your own brand. Christmas is fun and making paper with it sounds even more fun

As I said, fun is really of the mind. You can only have fun if you put your mind to it. Just because you had bigger plans this Christmas doesn’t mean you cannot readjust them. There is a pandemic out there and you can still have fun by staying at home

That said, do you have any other Christmas ideas? What other fun stay-at-home thing would you like to try this Christmas?

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