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Double Wahala

Double wahala for dedi bodi… and the owner of dedi bodi
The late Fela Kuti’s lyrics could not have fit in better with any other scenario.

It’s officially 29 days to Christmas (and 4 days to the start of Detty December…yay!) but who’s counting, right?

Well, you might not, but for two men who most probably wanted to make it quick this November in order to “ball” come December, it really is the end of the road.
The two men were accosted carrying a casket as seen in the video. Of course, no one is saying they were ritualists (at least, I’m not), but in this part of the world, carrying a casket at dead of night can only mean one thing, right? (Back me up here, guys!)

One wishes the casket had been opened in order to get the contents verified but I’d rather hold on to my breakfast, thank you.

Now, it goes without saying that we all want a good end to the year, and it’s okay to want to flex hard then, but we also have to remember to work hard for it. There can be no Detty December if you have not worked hard in the preceding months.

Upon being questioned by the police, the lead man began talking in the rubbish. If you can make any sense of what he is saying there, kindly tell us in the comment section.

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