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Different types of Nigerians on independence day

It’s Nigeria’s Independence Day and as grateful as we are to experience another one, we cannot help but pick out the reactions of different Nigerians on this National day.

Every October 1st brings about different reactions, behaviours and attitudes from Nigerians.

With the spirit of “patriotism”, we will be listing the different types of Nigerians on independence day.

1. The patriotic ones

These ones will wear Nigerian full attire, carry flag and go to stadium to March. They carry “Proud Nigerian” for head as if they will give them jollof rice for it. If you give them a chance, they will hang themselves on the pole and be the flag.

2. The BC senders

These ones will sit down and send one message to everyone. We are not sure if they composed the message or copied and pasted but they sha must send. It’s like a thing for them.

3. The angry Nigerians

These ones don’t even want to hear “Happy anything”. They will block BC senders, rant on their status and troll anyone wearing anything green. The only green they’ll probably like is Fried rice and that’s still risky cos they fit still vex

4. Abroad life people

These ones will be wishing you happy independence from “the abroad”. They are not bothered by anything happening here. They will dissect the country from overseas, sound very patriotic and concerned about the situation “we” are in and end with “God will help you people”

5. The Awoof people

These ones don’t even care about independence day. They are just looking for “Independence day Awoof”. Looking for sales up and down because opportunity comes but once

6. The Opportunist

These ones will just be using Independence day as opportunity to see babe. “How far what are you doing today? Come to my house Na”. They still want to do independence day knacking

7. The Pessimist vs The Optimist

These two can never live in the same house. The pessimists will talk endlessly of how the country has fallen down the drain and how it can never get better. The optimist, always so hopeful that Nigeria will get better. It is always banter between these two.

8. The Party People

Any excuse to “Owanbe” people. Any holiday, national anything, festivities, they must party. There is currently someone using jollof rice to confuse your system right now. Our condolences

9. The ones that wants to sell Nigeria

These ones have a mixture of pessimists and angry Nigerians. They don’t think Nigerian should have gotten independence. They think the country will kill us and are of the strong opinion that Nigeria should be sold.

Did we miss anyone? Which table are you on?


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