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Did Amaka Really Disappoint 2baba?

Before I start please know that this post is not too deep. If you start thinking it is deep and some kind of movement (feminism or whatnot) then that’s on you.

So Amaka; the name that has suddenly mean “disappointment”, all because of a song. Songs really catch on don’t they? There is “Chioma my lover” made popular by Davido’s “Assurance”, then “Onyinye” by Psquare, and many others. When your name comes up in a song, you have to pray it’s for a good thing. Amaka was not so lucky.

Amaka disappointed her lovers. Or at least that is what the song says. But did she though? Yesterday while I was stuck in traffic;

honestly, the hours I spent in traffic if I had used it on the expressway, I would have gotten to Benin or even Warri; a song came up on the radio, “Amaka” by 2baba ft Peruzzi. I listened to the lyrics and I think she is the victim. I think she was either married or in a serious relationship and 2baba and co being who they are wouldn’t take NO for an answer.

No don’t drag me or be confused yet. Let me explain. See this line on the lyrics

I see you for Twitter
Retweeting your Mister
I enter your matter but you don’t want to answer
I say no wahala since that’s how you hala
I don wait you sotey I don dey lose weight o

Why sir? What exactly are you waiting for? You saw her “retweeting” her mister, so you know she has a Mister, what then are you waiting for? She is ignoring you and you are waiting for her tire? Why??

You don’t use to hear word. That is why she is posting you up and down because you have coconut head. So comot hia!!! Amaka did not disappoint you, sir, you disappoint yourself

I hope with this few points of mine, I have been able to convince you that Amaka is a spec for staying loyal to her man. Stop using her sweet name for “disappointment”.

Like I said, it’s not that serious

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