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“Feminism has become an excuse for toxic people”- Men talk on feminism

The topic “Feminism” has become one of the most delicate topics around the world. When writing a book, song or movie, you have to be careful of each sentence, line and scene so as not to come off as being “sexist” This can get really frustrating. Things are no longer “just funny” anymore.

Even worse is that a lot of people believe the idea of feminism is solely based on women and not all sexes. A lot of banter goes on online solely for this reason and many so-called feminist believe that men hate the idea of feminism. The bulk of Nigerian “twitter feminist” does not give brothers a chance at all. Any comment made on the topic by them is dragged and seen as a sign of hate. But do Nigerian men really hate feminists?

As a means of expressing themselves without a thread of drags, these Nigerian brothers (no relation) speak on feminism, their thoughts on it and if or not they are willing to date a woman who is feminist.


Feminism is basically what feminism is, it’s creating equal opportunities for the female gender as much as the male, it’s not gender privilege, it’s treating the female gender the same way you would treat the male counterpart, it is creating pathways that help the female thrive in a world flooded with men. Do I hate the idea? No, if anything like my President (Chimamanda) would say, “We should all be feminists. I believe that the female deserves as much right to succeed as the male. I think we should all talk about feminism and educate men on its importance. I think if more people are aware, we have less bullshit to deal with on our society.

Would I date a feminist? I will marry one sef. I think it’s dumb when we talk about feminism and men point us to extremist. Every movement would always have its extremists but we realize that feminism is a fight against sexism. Every woman deserves the opportunity to thrive and we must respect every experience, identity, knowledge, strength, and deliberately empower woman to realize their rights and full potential.


We need to be clear, which feminism, the one on twitter or the real one. Because the Twitter one looks like misandry and that’s not okay. I fully support the real idea of feminism which I believe to be freedom of choice for women, to be whatever they want to be.
Reason being, it’s absurd for women to still be fighting for basic human rights or even at all. We should all have equal rights as humans. I would date and even marry a feminist because, damn, who won’t want a confident working woman by his side building an empire together?


We all know the meaning of FEMINISM but we give it wrong interpretations, and this has made it a word, or a thing some no longer wants to associate with. Feminism is not Misandry. It should not be an umbrella to avenge heartbreaks or disappointment from either of the gender. Feminism must not be interpreted as a gender-based issue or be shouldered by a particular gender, it’s a collective effort. Feminism should not and must not lead to disrespect for men or create division at home. Feminism should not be a cult or movement to invoke women’s power. Feminism does not mean having multiple groups or splits from the pool that has both genders. Feminism is a good idea everyone must embrace: equal right, equal pay, equal respect, and equal say.

When you asked if I can date a feminist, the answer is YES, I can date a feminist, but I can’t date a mentally unstable lady who hides under feminism, a lady who just wants to rival me in anything. Many people, especially ladies need to get help for their mental condition, but many will rather hide under feminism to lead others astray. It’s wrong to portray feminism as a movement of mentally unstable persons or opposition to the norms.


I believe that everyone deserves equal rights and equal choices in life and I think that is what feminism aims at, providing equal rights and access for women to the things that men have rights and access to. I believe in the idea of feminism. I would definitely date a feminist. I feel women deserve to be treated equally. I would definitely date one. At least that way she can pay for dates and be spoiling me too, lol.


Feminism is being allowed to think for yourself without conforming to the societal beliefs. I grew up around strong women, women who know their rights and what they want in life so feminism is not strange to me. Women are strong in a lot of ways. They may not be physically strong as men but they are strong and they deserve to discover their potential.

I have seen feminists in action, I feel the term “feminism”, has been taken out of context. It is now used by toxic women to validate their toxicity. This is my major issue with the “so-called feminists”. A feminist is someone who knows what he or she wants and goes for it. It is not only for women. It is saying if a man can talk, so can a woman. There should not be a certain duty for men and another for women. A woman can be a nurse and so can a man. It is just sad how it is being taken these days

I would date a feminist all day and every day. I keep telling guys that there is nothing as sexy as being with a woman who knows what she wants. She would push you to do better because I sure do not want to be the loser in my relationship. There is nothing as sexy as a stable and productive lady and it is only weak men that fear successful women.


To be honest, I feel feminism is the root of every problem in the world. It started out fine o. Educating women and all but now because we are teaching our children that they can be what they want, we now have boys that want to change their gender, that want to be women or dress like women or do makeup. We now have BOBRISKY!! and somehow this is “beautiful”. How? Don’t we fear God anymore? How can I give birth to a girl and she will tell me she wants to be a boy? It all started with feminism. Sometimes we have to understand that rules are put in place for a reason. Women should not do everything a man does. There are some things for women and some for men. Haba. Let’s see the truth and say it. I watched women practising for football league and it was pitiful. Sure they can play all the sports they want but to drag the same league as men? Ask yourself, will you watch women champions league? So what are we saying? I would like my woman to work, be educated and still take care of the family. I would help her in the home too but I won’t tolerate her trying to be my superior. Never


Even the word “feminism” leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I grew up with my mother taking care of me and making sure everything is fine in the house. Now women are saying something about men being “house husband”. Like does that even sound right in any way? See I cannot date a feminist. I want a woman that will take care of me. I want to spoil my woman. I don’t want her paying my bills or choosing work over our kids. Sorry, but I am an African man. Na all this rubbish make them born Bobrisky so.

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