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Fact or myth; A movie that kills one out of10 people that watch

In 1979, a film named Antrum —shot in English but of apparently Soviet origin—is submitted for inclusion in a variety of film festivals; none accept it. Shortly after each rejection, the various festival directors die under suspicious circumstances.

Several years go by during which the film remains unseen until it mysteriously appears at a theatre in Budapest in 1988. During the screening of the movie, there was another fire outburst.

The movie goes unseen again until 1993, where it was shot again and it resulted in a riot of which a pregnant woman was killed. It earns a reputation as being cursed .

However, another Antrum was shot in 2019 which was directed by Michael Laicini and David Amito.

In the film, two siblings have run away from home. Their beloved puppy, Maxine, has passed away and the brother wants nothing more than to make sure that their dog is going to a good place. His sister then decides to take him to the fabled spot where Lucifer himself fell to Earth, all so they can open a portal to Hell, recite some incantations, and save their deal dog’s soul.

Along the way, the siblings see and hear things that disturb both them and the audience. Are they really on their way to hell, or is it just a forest? What are those two men camping in the woods with what looks like a Brazen Bull?

The movie takes some time to find its footing, especially when it comes to the audience caring about the young brother and sister. But as the film goes along, the superimposed demonic sigils appear in random frames.

But as the film goes along, the superimposed demonic sigils appear in random frames and images of demons staring at the audience start appearing, we’re off to a delicious life with some truly creepy imagery.

This all culminates with a horrific sequence and one of the most emotional bits in a horror movie.

The movie is believed to be very occultic and as a link with the underworld and from the very directory of the movie it has been the most feared movie in the world. It is the only movie that comes with a legal notice…

Have you see the movie Antrum? Do you think it is cursed?

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