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Do you want to be the ultimate cool person? Master these 7 social skills

In today’s world, having the right social skills could make all the difference no matter the field you operate in.

Your ability to work with people and draw them to you will not only make it easy to socialize but could unlock powerful opportunities beyond your imagination.

The cool thing is, it doesn’t require a lot of work. Check these tips out. 

  1. Be present: It is not uncommon to see that most people are stuck on their phones, even at important events and functions where they ought to make an impact and establish meaningful connections. This sends a subliminal message that whatever is going on in your device is more important than what’s happening where you are. The ability to “Be present”at events, knowing when to put your phone away and engage people will make you cooler not only because you get the chance to enjoy the moment, but because you also aren’t distracted from the opportunities around.
  2. Smile: This is literally idiotically easy. True power over people doesn’t always lie in having a stern expression and putting up an air of “selective availability”. True power lies in making it easy for people to let down their guard around you, dazzling them with a genuine smile. If you want to have people drift towards you, the best way is to send out positive body language.
  3. Picking the right perfume: Like it or not, smelling good does wonder to those around you and people naturally gravitate towards those who smell good. One of the easiest ways to become unforgettable is to smell nice. Smelling good will make you more attractive to people and some research has shown that a good scent can lift one’s mood. Imagine being a source of good vibes simply by how good u smell. 
  4. Have a sense of humour: You don’t have to be Basketmouth or Bovi. Simply being able to laugh at a joke, appreciate one with a good smile or being a good sport about innocent conversation will make you seem really awesome to people. If you are able to deliver a well-timed joke, extra credits to you. Humour has been associated with intelligence by many experts and if you are able to subtly showcase yours, people will appreciate your presence even more. Just be careful of the jokes.
  5. Listen more, talk less at public gatherings: You may not know this, but people subconsciously pay more attention to the words of the less talkative people, rather than the chatterboxes. Listening more at social gatherings and talking only when necessary portrays class and shows that you are considerate of other people’s opinions and not a spotlight hoard. Also, if you are able to listen more, you will be able to ascertain the general airs and vibes of those around you and take the necessary action, if you should say something, or keep mum.
  6. Argue with class: The world is slowly turning into an ideological battleground where most people wish to enforce their ideals on others without taking any prisoners in the process. Especially on social media, being able to argue absent any resentment and with consideration for the other person’s perspective will endear you not just to the person you are arguing with, but to those watching. This also applies to real life. Knowing how to phrase your words without disrespecting the other person, or being able to educate without sounding condescending is a true skill possessed by only the coolest people and if you can master this, you will have attained the height of the ranks.
  7. Knowing when to leave: It is said that the best time to leave is when the applause is loudest. Overstaying and dragging arguments and discussions will turn the tables if you had it going good. It is best to have people yearning for more rather than wishing you could just leave or shut it. Irrespective of what you are saying or how important you are, humans have their limits of satisfaction from everything and knowing when to leave, to stop, to say goodbye, will make you a cool person indeed.

Of course, there are exceptions to this. However, you will hardly go wrong if you are able to master these skills. 

Did we miss out any? Share with us so we know the other skills you think are cool to have.

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