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Do You Know About The Story Of Oroma?

Growing up, there were a lot of stories we heard. Most were made up to scare us, some of them had elements of truths in them. One however that we are still yet to decide on, is the story of Oroma

Oroma is popularly known as “The Headless Girl Who Braids Her Own Hair”.

According to Nigerian legend, there once lived a girl named Oroma who was undoubtedly the most beautiful girl in a certain kingdom and was most popular for always having the best hairstyles, that happened to change on a daily basis.

All the men loved Oroma, and all the girls envied her because of her beauty and unique hairstyles

Many people constantly asked Oroma where she made her beautiful hairstyles, but every time she was asked, Oromo refused to answer.

Legend has it that one night while everybody in the community was deep asleep, 2 inquisitive girls followed Oroma home to see who or how she made her hair so beautiful all the time.

As the 2 young girls peeked through the corner of the mud house that Oroma lived in, they were shocked to see a headless Oroma seated on the floor with her own head in her hand and legend has it that a hundred supernatural hands were hard at work pulling and stroking, combing and pressing Oroma’s hair into shape rapidly.

The two girls immediately ran and began screaming to bring what they had just seen to the attention of the other towns’ people. As the girls let the towns’ people know what had happened, the towns people obviously distressed all set out to hunt down Oroma.

However, when the towns’ people got to Oroma’s home, she was nowhere to be found. They searched and searched, but there was no sight of Oroma: it is as if Oroma had disappeared into thin air.

Until this day, Oroma has not been found, and if you see any beautiful girl on the street rocking hair that looks supernaturally good, you may just be looking right into the eyes of Oroma.

Beautiful story, right? This story, however, caused a lot of beautiful African girls problems. For a long time, girls with beautiful hairstyles were accused of being like Oroma or Oroma herself. It was all fun and games till you are followed to see how exactly you were making your hair.

The worse case then is when you tell someone you can actually make your hair yourself. Be rest assured that you are now the “missing Oroma”.

What is funniest is the fact that removing your head and placing it on your legs still won’t make you see your hair to make it beautiful. I mean, your eyes are part of your head aren’t they? So how does removing it help exactly? Well, I don’t know. I just find it funny

It was not confirmed if this story is actually true or if it was made up by jealous people (haters) who wanted to see Oroma’s downfall but whatever it is, it sure had a big part of my childhood story

Did you ever hear about this story? What do you think?

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