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Celebrities that have been very charitable during this pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly brought out all the good and bad. While people are scared to leave their homes, some go out scrapping for meals, others try to rob and others try to give

There is really nothing quite like giving. There is a feeling of satisfaction that comes with it. Giving to the needy especially during this pandemic where the lot who struggle daily to put meals on their tables, no longer have the means to do so, is very commendable.

Some celebrities in Nigeria have taken it upon themselves to help out in different ways to make the pandemic manageable or at least bearable for as many people as they can.

Celebrities that have been very charitable during this pandemic include:

1. IGoDye

Francis Agoda, popularly known as “IgoDye”, has proven to be highly charitable by offering his mansion to the government, to be used as an isolation centre for COVID-19 patients. The offer was declined by the government though, yet he gave out foodstuff as a form of palliative during the lockdown.

2. DJ Cuppy

DJ Cuppy has displayed herself as being charitable by giving out of the money raised in Cuppy Foundation last year to support people during the lockdown. She announced on Instagram that N50m out of the funds raised at the gala night would be allocated to support the struggle to end Covid19 pandemic.

3. Williams Uchemba

Williams Uchemba who is also the founder of Williams Uchemba Foundation, as part of his own way of giving a helping hand visited some areas, gave out foodstuff, hand sanitizers, e.t.c. He made it known through his Instagram page that he planned to feed 1,000 people initially, but ended up feeding about 5,000.

4. Kcee and E-money

The brothers have proven to be philanthropic by constantly giving out money to their followers through their social media platforms, even before the Covid19 pandemic. They extended their arms of giving during the lockdown by crediteing the accounts of some of their followers regularly, through random selections.

5. Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh, another phylantropical actress who is also the founder of the Tonto Dikeh Foundation, in collaboration with Prosperity for Africa, set up a ‘raw food bank drive for 5,000 Nigerians’. According to her, she shared 400 bags of rice, 10,000 cartons of noodles, 10,000 loaves of bread and other food items.

6. D’banj

D’banj also displayed a philantropic trait by giving out his product, known as “Koko Garri”, as part of an emergency food box distributed to the less privileged members of the society, during the lockdown.

7. Chika Ike

Chika has also proven to be charitable by visiting some orphanages, and giving them gifts during the lockdown. She gave out noodles, bags of rice, and other food items.

8. Ay Comedian

Ay comedian in collaboration with some of his partners, gave out food items to the less privileged people in the society during the lockdown.

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