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Make-up Hacks: Do’s and Don’ts You did not know about.

Makeup is a very interesting topic and today our makeup enthusiast Alemongwa Elizabeth gives us simple makeup hacks

What does make up mean to you?

To some people, it’s an accessory, skill or a self-esteem activator. Well, makeup actually is an art that you will grow to like when you find the tiny tricks around it. It’s not that deep.

I’m not going to lie, at first, it will seem really difficult and stressful, but what you need is a lot of practice. As they say, practice makes perfect.

Just like you have outfits for different occasions, we have different types of makeup for different occasions. People tend to wear certain types of makeup for the wrong occasion. So, imagine you are going to work and you do a smoky eye and dark matte lipstick.

What is your plan actually? Do you want your colleagues to get distracted and focus on your lips? I bet no work will be done that day. So, what you do is go with a light make up, little or no eye shadow and a lip gloss.

Do you check the weather before you go on applying your make up? Did you know your make up is also dependent on the weather? I bet you didn’t. For hot weather, you don’t want to apply too much oil on your face because the weather is hot.

Products that contain much oil should be used in small quantity, so you don’t look like you just came out of the oven. A lot of people go about looking like masquerades during the dry season with their white faces. That is because they didn’t moisturize enough or applied a lot of matte product and powder.

The fun thing about makeup is that you can improvise make up products for one another. If you don’t have an eye shadow, you can apply a lipstick there and carefully blend it out with an eye shadow blending brush. You can also use your eye shadow as lipsticks too if you don’t find your lipsticks in your make up bag. Your pink eye shadow can also serve as your blush too.

Don’t go end up looking like this though. Please blend properly so you can be peng like so 👇🏽👇🏽

So you see, makeup is fun and there are rules to it but you know you can always bend the rules sometimes. Try some of these hacks listed and let’s know in the comments below.

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