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The Good Old Days Are Really Gone

At this point I have no more words to express how far down the drain we have gone.

I woke up so hungry this morning and I decided to go and buy bread, just to hold my body down small till I find the strength to prepare food. You cannot imagine the look on my face when the mallam at the kiosk said the bread I buy #100 is now #120. How? When? Why?

Before you start saying “is it not just #20 extra”, let me first tell you to shut up. “Na just small money” is the reason why we are here today. It all started with “let me add #20 extra” and people would go along with it. They won’t realise that at the end of the day, all the #20 that has been added has summed up to over #1000.

BREAD!! BREAD!!! Something that people use to survive. The quickest and filling meal for anyone, that is what these people want to take from us. And it is not just bread. It is everything. Eggs are now #60 from #40. Yes, another #20 again. Remember when you could buy eggs for #20 to #25? See what I am saying now. The excuse now is, “it is because of the COVID”, “dollar don high”. What does dollar have to do with fowl yansh? Tomatoes nkor? Is it not from this country?

In a time where everyone is trying to push to live, due to what COVID has caused, is this the way to go?

I miss the good old days. Someone take me back 😭😭😭

I remember when my dad would give us #100 as lunch money to school and mom would add lunch for us, I was the big boy na. Eat food from food flask and still go and buy Chelsea buns and sweets. I would give two of my guys #20 each (I am tired of this #20), spend #40 and save #20.

Now if someone gives you #100, it is a serious insult. Unless emergency “abeg make I see enter bike reach”, if not, what will you use it for? Betting? Ya and when your paper cut nkor? I am tired.

It is really sad how far we have sunk. How can the past economy be so much better than this? Na wa.

Its throwback Thursday and I really feel like being thrown back to those good old days.


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