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Meet Ablo, the app that helps you make “abroad” friends

Do you have a friend whose name is not Sade, Chukwuka or Nafisat? Do you by chance have any friends that bear the name Britney or Bastian or Klaus? If not, you need to fix up and fast. 



And no, I am not speaking Spanish. Ablo is a mobile app that helps you make friends from all over the world. The app is quite interesting as it gives a feel of you travelling to another country to make a new friend.

The app also has quite a number of basic instant messaging app features. You can

  • Text and video chat
  • Watch and make videos (It has that Tiktok and Reels feel actually but it’s not bad).
  • It also translates foreign languages in real time.

The app is free to use for the most part but there are in-app purchases that cost between NGN 700 t0 NGN 72,900 per item. On the app, you have a travel wallet that holds coins which can be purchased on the app. The coins can be used to purchase gifts which can come in handy when you want to meet new people. 

The signup process is quite easy and simple to follow. They collect basic information like most instant messaging apps but then, the signup process ends with the user selecting a minimum of 3 interests. I believe this information is so they can connect users based on shared interests which makes sense as that makes it easier to get a conversation started and going.

Now, you are ready to start making friends.

Primarily, the app takes you on trips round the world to meet new people but then, you can decide to meet people already curated by the app based on the number of gifts they’ve sent, received or the number of miles they’ve travelled. The app curates these lists in descending order. You have to come bearing gifts to chat with anyone from these curated lists. The great thing about these lists is that you can filter based on country. So if you are looking to meet people in Canada (*rings a bell?), you can easily do that than waiting for the app to connect you with someone in Canada based on Insha Allah.

The app is available on Google and iOS app stores and many Nigerians are using the app. 

One of the big challenges I find with the app is that most people might want to use the app for flirting and dating purposes which defeats the aim of the app as the app is not a dating app. Also, the app doesn’t start you out with free coins so you can use that to purchase gifts just to have a fuller experience of the app before buying anything.

Overall, if you have some money and really want to meet people abroad, Ablo is a good app for you to try out.

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