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Curio; The app for curious people

If your favorite satellite TV channel is CNN or any other news channel, it means you like staying on top of the news, you like being informed; then this app review is for you.

It could be overwhelming sometimes, trying to keep up with the latest news happening all over the world from the COVID crisis ravaging the world especially in Europe and America to the protests breaking out in Myanmar against the recent coup by the military to the upcoming impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump.

The world in itself is a tough place to live in, having to learn about all that is going on in it doesn’t have to be as tough if you have Curio installed on your phone.

I bet you are curious to learn about Curio. 

(*waits to get a huge laugh)

Ok, that wasn’t funny. Or was it?

According to its play store about section, Curio is the best way to listen to audio journalism from leading newspapers and magazines, any time, anywhere. On the app, you can download and discover handpicked stories from over 30 publications, including The Economist, The Guardian, Financial Times, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, Aeon and many more.

Where are my CNN and Channels tv news lovers? Y’all getting excited already?

The sign up process is really easy and straight forward. You can either use your Google or social media accounts to sign up. Once in, you will see 5 tabs at the bottom of the page

  • For You: houses curated news from different publications
  • Library: lets you see at a glance “news tracks” that you have queued, downloaded, bookmarked or played recently.
  • Search: allows you to, errrm, search.
  • Browse: probably my fav section. This section is divided into 3 sub-sections including Publication, Time and Vibe. The Publication section divides content based on the source of the content. Time section divides content based on length of content while Vibe divides content based on how they are styled whether entertaining, inspiring, opinionated etc
  • Playlists: curates news for you based on themes.

The app interface is simple and easy to navigate. If you are getting ready to use the app, there are three different plans for you:

  • Free – Listen to 10 free tracks of your choice
  • Monthly premium – $7.99/month
  • Annual premium – $59.99/year (It’s the most popular and comes with cost-effective plan with a 7-day free trial

Premium features include:

  • Ad-free listening
  • Unlimited access to thousands of hours of audio from The Economist, The Guardian, Financial Times, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, Aeon and more
  • Unlimited downloads to listen offline
  • Unlimited bookmarks and saves on stories
  • Personalised recommendations and curated playlists

The audio plays well and the speed can be adjusted to taste. It even adds other news content in queue when you are listening to a track.

The app looks great however, it doesn’t allow you have personalised settings. For example, you can’t use dark mode on the app. But overall, I like the app and would recommend to fellow CNN lovers.

The app is available on Google and iOS app stores.

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