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After much anticipation Bieber’s “changes” was below expectations

On Valentine’s Day, Bibiers new album, Changes, hit the stands. But although Changes is endearingly romantic, it is far too subdued to be his re-entrance into the music world.

I guess the album was influence by his experiences in the past five years. He married Hailey Baldwin in 2018, and was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease. His new album is titled

Changes, insinuating a deeper look into his personal transformation these past few years.

The album entire album was a love ballad from the first track onward , which was dedicated to his wife Hailey Bieber. The song is however relaxing to listen to.

The best part of the album is that all of the lyrics are genuine — filled with love and heartthrob. “E.T.A.” is a perfect example of this, with cute and catchy lyrics like “I just wanna know your E.T.A., E.T.A. / Out the window, got me looking out the street.”

But was the point of changes if he doesn’t connect with his listener.
Changes was too soft for Bibier come back. On like purpose album where all songs ranked the bill board.

The album was too one dimensional which doesn’t give any room for any other related aspect of life. The emphasis on love makes the album really boring.

“Yummy and Intention” , which are one the biggest songs in changes album weren’t as big as “sorry “in “purpose” album.

Although in terms of sales it did very well but album fades off easily

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