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8 Nigerian sisters describe their worse date experience

Going on a date seems like the perfect idea until it is not. As ladies, we enjoy having a swell time. We want to dress up and have fun and reminisce about the wonderful day we just had.

But this is not always the case is it? You get dressed only for some unfortunate being to ruin the day for you and you’re just thinking “I should have just stayed at home”. It will even feel worse when you don’t carry your “vex money”

Women sha go through a lot.

Think I’m blabbing? Read the experience of these 8 lovely sisters and their worse date experience


It was during my internship. So I met this guy who schooled in Bowen and we got close because he said he attended the boy’s part of my secondary school as I only attended the girl’s secondary school. So we use to gist about life in Iwo and school shenanigans.
That’s how something happened I cried and he said he would make it up to me by taking me on a date. Let’s say the date was meant to be on a Wednesday. So we spoke about other things apart from the date till the day came. Baba did not even continue the chat of the “yesterday” TUESDAY. I didn’t call because obviously he was the one to call me. I didn’t even see him at NTA. I was scared sha. Long story short, I called him he didn’t pick. Then he came out of the blues and told me to come to MATICE (an eatery) that he would meet me there and he would discuss everything that happened. I had feelings for this guy. So I was ready to give him a second chance. Guess what BABA didn’t call, he didn’t come to the MATICE. as I waited I started blocking his social media accounts. The moment I went to my hostel. I BLOCKED HIM. Didn’t care for an explanation. Because babe like me waited for good six hours drinking unbudgeted Water.


I usually am not fond of going out but I accepted to go on a date with this guy once after so much of “I want to see you”. We got there and when we were about to enter the restaurant he practically closed the door on me. I mean where is the chivalry? He just walked in front of me and straight and almost hit the door on my face I let that slide. We ordered for food. He ordered pepper soup. He removed the gum from his mouth and put it under the table (little things irritate me especially when I am not even into you ) and then started slurping his soup. He was eating like a goat 😩. I was so distracted and irritated. I could not finish my food. Oya now conversation time. He was talking about himself plenty. How he knows what women want (I kid you not). He cannot deal with a woman that does not know how to cook or clean. He needs someone that can run a business and manage a home and pamper him. What did I not hear on that date? I blocked him everywhere as soon as I stepped out of that restaurant.


He wanted us to meet after work at his place. I told him I was not comfortable with the idea of meeting at his place and suggested we meet at a Lounge close by. After much arguing, he finally agreed to come only for him to be fuming and saying what do I take him for that he will never take this nonsense from someone else. He was really pissed that I didn’t want to come to his house. I was scared because he kept ranting. At a point, I thought he would scatter the tables. I just kept quiet and quickly texted a friend to call me so that I could leave.


Ok, this particular day was actually funny. So I met this guy, thanks to my friend, who introduced us but it was over the phone, we had not seen each other physically so this nigga sounded so smart over the phone not until we decided to meet each other like go on a date but before going on a date the guy has always been sounding weird more like he asking me to come over. Saying things like “when will I come to cook for him?”, “When will I come to visit him spend the night over?” But then I always felt like it was just a joke. When the d-day came, we went on the date. On getting to the venue this nigga outfit threw me off, he was on native on a Wednesday. I mean it’s nothing bad but it was just off for me at some point it felt like I went on a date with my uncle. Then he started touching with his leg under the table. It was really creepy. Then he started with the advances repeating what he said about when will I come to see him, when will I come to cook for him like what the f@#k!!! I remember that week was supposed to be Valentine, yes it was a Wednesday, while valentine was to be on Friday that week so he kept insisting that I should come to see him and spend the night over and I’m like hell no. It was a complete turn-off, the whole conversation was just awkward and horrible and felt like you don’t go on date for the first time and caress them. I just had to leave.


This was not a date really. I only caught my boo one time at a restaurant where I went to eat with my friends with a babe that came looking for him in AkwaIbom all the way from Lagos. The restaurant is a storey building so I was downstairs eating with my friends when I saw 2 of his friends walk in. As they climbed up the stairs I knew he had to be around too. So after we finished eating I thought to go say hello, lo and behold as I got there I got the shocker of my life. I couldn’t turn back so I did the honourable thing. Went over to their table said hi to everyone and turned to leave when baba introduced his babe (funny thing she was a white girl) I said hello and was walking a way when he ran after me saying he could explain. I told him not to let us cause a scene. I understood everything I saw and didn’t need any explanation. My friends were so worried for me. They were happy that I didn’t cause a scene and were surprised I didn’t ball my eyes out or try to talk about it on our way back. The silly girls stayed with me all through the night thinking I may have been heartbroken. I never spoke about what happen until days later. That was when I knew I was indasboski🤣🤣🤣


So I went on a movie and launch date and till date, I count it to be my worse date ever. First, my date kept me waiting for how hours, after the first 1 hr 30mins, I got a call to buy the tickets, I was already mad pissed for waiting but I got it anyway. When he finally arrived, I got a call to change the location because the screen was on the other end of the building. I had to walk all the way there and there he was standing and smiling. I was at boiling-point at that moment. The movie had started so we hurried in. Throughout the movie, no conversation, no vibes, no nothing. After the movie, we stood up and left. At this point, I had lost interest. He gave me the money I used to buy the tickets and walked me to the gate. Didn’t even bother driving me to a decent place or paying the cab fare. That was the last time I spoke to him.


So there was this guy I met on my way to school, his name is Ibrahim. We were seated on the same row in GIG but someone was in between us and that person in between us was massively chyking me, he even gave me back my tfare and extra on top for a taxi😂.
So this man drops at Okada and Ibrahim had a chance to finally swing. To give it to him o, he’s a fine boy. He was talking about how that man was a married man and was shamelessly trying to ‘court’ me 😂😂. We had a brief but interesting conversation in the bus so we exchanged numbers and promised to keep in touch. He used to buzz a lot and ask to see me so I finally made out time o. He now said we should go to this Chinese on Airport road, I say no p. The day finally came and we met up and talked and ordered food and in between food, baba says, ‘so we’re going back to my place, yeah?’. I’m like, ‘Huh?, did we discuss that?’. He says, ‘is it supposed to be up for discussion?’. I’m like, ‘Okayyyy’. And he goes, ‘ so what is this ‘date’ about? And says “I’m paying just my bill”. I started laughing hysterically cos I don’t understand where this was coming from and he was still saying “are you seriously not going home with me?” I’m like ‘Nope, never’ and in the end, I paid my bill, took a cab back to school but drank garri for almost two weeks😂😂😂😂


Omg! This one was a banger and the most irritating ever ooo. So my friend gave this particular guy my number and we got talking. We finally had a chance to go out and we were supposed to go to the movies. So, he picked me and the journey started ooo.
We got to the mall but it wasn’t time for the movie yet so we had to wait over a cup of ice cream. Conversations were poor, so he was already cancelled in my head. I just wanted to get the day over with so I buttressed.
Finally, it was movie time and we head for the cinema, got in there and I was excited to be chewing my popcorn while seeing the movie. That’s how the Dude started complaining of cold inside cinema oooo. Hah! Am I supposed to carry duvet to the cinema to cover this man? Nawa ooo!🙆‍♀️. I said sorry and continued. Next thing he stood and started pacing around the cinema. I was embarrassed 😣. He sat down again and asked me to hold him, I was like on the first day? As what now? Oga abeg shift.
Dude finally said he couldn’t bear the cold and left the cinema. I was happy about that sha🙈. When the movie ended, I went outside only to find him getting drunk. Omo! I just took the other way and went home. Yes! I blocked his contact. Yeye dey smell!

What are your thoughts? Have a worse experience? Please share 😁

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