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6 Nigerians share stories about their first time having sex

They say you never forget your first time or your first love. There are some that would beg to differ. There are some that would really rather not talk about their first time or even acknowledge that it ever happened.

Whether we like it or not, losing your virginity is quite a big deal. We all one time or another, fantasised about how we wanted the first time to be, the flowers, candlelight, dinner, love oozing from our partners, etc. But did it really happen like that? Was it just like the movies?

These 6 Nigerians have decided to share their first time having sex with us. Like if you related to any.


I was 20 years old. He was my boyfriend. We had been dating for a while. I started seeing him when I was 16. We were distant from each other a lot so it was pretty easy to avoid sex. Plus, I know the kind of family that I am from and if I ever get myself pregnant, I am DEAD!!! I was pretty stupid sha. I did not know jack about sex. The first time he kissed me, just because he caressed my boobs, I really thought I would get pregnant. Anyway, the first time we had sex was not great to me. I was not ready. Yes, we made out a lot whenever we saw. I gave him head and did whatever but I just did not want the sex. We were at his friend’s house that day. His friend then “went out” and we started making out. He told me we should go to the bathroom just in case his friend gets back early so he won’t walk in on us. I agreed of course. We’ve made out in the bathroom before. Last time we did, he fingered me so much that I bled. But still, I didn’t want sex. He wasn’t hearing that this time. He went on and I was starting to get majorly uncomfortable. I was in pain, told him to slow down but he went on taking off my clothes. Next thing I knew, he whipped out his condom. I told him he wasn’t using that on me so he should put it away. I swear this guy really did not hear anything I was saying. He tore the wrap and wore it with one hand while the other was holding me around the waist. He then turned me around, bent me over and to be honest, I felt nothing. I didn’t want to, but if I fought him, it would look like he was raping me and I really didn’t want to feel that way. I never imagined myself having my first sex in the bathroom, his friend’s bathroom. I don’t even remember if I moaned or cried. I just know I hated it so much. When he was done, I put on my clothes and smiled (forcefully) and he went “I knew you needed a little push”. When we came out, his friend was already back, smiling. I guess he was “proud of his boy”. I stayed in character. Smiling and sitting pretty. After I got back to my hostel, I was really sad. I wanted to cry but I didn’t. I was just sad, then angry. I didn’t talk to my boyfriend or see him for the next 6 months. He was really worried sha. He kept calling to know what was wrong and all. We did talk about it later and he felt very bad. He was sorry. We moved on and well, it became less awkward between us


My first time was actually weird and sometimes I want to believe it didn’t happen. I was 17. There was a party, and we were just done with Jamb lessons and if I am being honest, I didn’t want to go at first. But the place was not so far away and my friends were going so I did too. I had a lot to drink. Ok maybe not so much but I got hit really quickly. Maybe the drinks were mixed or so because I don’t get drunk so fast. I went from dancing with this girl to heading towards a secluded area. She asked me to follow her to the toilet but I don’t think we made it there. We had sex, that was the fastest sex I have ever had in my entire life. Pretty sure I didn’t go more than four strokes. Heaven knows that I don’t even remember what this girl looks like and I hope she doesn’t remember what I look like because that was fu@#king embarrassing. I don’t even remember what I said to her afterwards, I just know I went to look for my friend and told him I was leaving. I just laid on my bed and decided to forget because no body should nut that fast in this life.


I went to his house and his mother came around. I was 15. He knew I would get in trouble because his mum was my mum’s friend and my mum was very strict. He decided to lock the door and we stay inside like no one is home. His mum kept knocking and then she pushed the door open forcefully. To say I wanted the ground to swallow me is a gross understatement. She scolded me. Threatened to report me to my mother. He begged her not to and she slapped him and walked inside angrily. I just stood there. I wanted to go home and I should have. After what seemed like hours his mum calmed down and left. He came to me and started apologizing and promising that his mum would not tell mine. I think he saw in my eyes that nothing on earth was bringing me back to his place again. I don’t know. All I know is next thing he was on top of me. No warning. Lol. I had never had sex before and so I didn’t know how it was supposed to be. He penetrated me but I didn’t give up. I kept up my attempt at pushing him. After he was done he got up. Zipped his pants, looked at me and asked “why did you not bleed? I thought you were a virgin”. I was shocked. All I was thinking was “was that sex?” I felt pain and all but I was also expecting a broken hymen and lots of blood and when I didn’t see it I just assumed he tried and tried and left me. After all there was no orgasm in his end. I was so naive o. Lol. It took a while for me to adjust to sex after that because I was always in pain when I had sex and quite frankly I hated it. That was my first sexual experience.


My first time was not bad actually. I was 16. I had been playing childish love with this girl. We were at a friend’s place then and she told me she would want us to have sex. She was 18. I really liked her but somehow I feel she just wanted us to have sex before she goes to school. So while we started kissing, she told me that she wanted us to have sex that day. I was nervous. I had never done more than kissing before. I had seen boobs on TV and magazines but never one staring right at me. I was really scared. She told me it was her first time too. We kept on kissing and she placed my hands on her boobs. My good heavens, the way I became hard eh, I thought I would explode. She told me she had condoms she stole from her brother. Looked like she has really been thinking about this for a while. I wore the condom. I kept kissing her and caressing her boobs. I enjoyed touching them. They were beautiful. So it was time to put it in and na there I fuck up. I honestly thought I was in. It was so warm and tight. I went “oh yes” and she started laughing. I was embarrassed and then she told me I wasn’t in yet that I was between her thighs. I can’t believe I didn’t know where to put it. She then grabbed me by the D and slowly guided me into her. OH MY HEAVENS. I don’t know how many strokes I gave or how long I lasted, all I know is I felt like I was walking on clouds until I came and it was beautiful. I looked at the bed and she bled a bit. We quickly removed the sheets and soaked it. We washed up, washed the sheets and went home. She went to school that year and I never heard from her again


I don’t like remembering this. I was 17. My first time was with a guy. I was a boarder. All boys boarding school. Before you judge, no I am not gay. Not even a little bit. I do not even remember anything. Ok so the boys and I were actually talking about girls that day. We just resumed and everyone had one lie or the other about girls they had slept with. I know most of them were lying. I told my own lie too. Told them I slept with someone during the holiday. One of the guys brought a lot of drinks and we all started drinking. I went to pee and that’s when I saw this guy in the bathroom wanking. I have no idea how it all started but I started doing it too. I didn’t kiss him or anything. I just know he turned and asked me to try to put it in him. I did. I don’t remember how it or I felt. I just know I came and walked away. I don’t even remember him or his class and I don’t care if he remembers me. I didn’t see his face much. It was pretty dark. I wanted to have sex so badly that I put myself in that position. But no, I am definitely not into guys cos I never want to do that again.


So I was 18 and in 300l and have been dating this guy since the last semester in 200l. I laid the ground rules when accepting his dating proposal that there will be NO SEX. It wasn’t for any religious reason but I just wanted to be sure I wasn’t giving it to a greedy bastard. Mr A( let’s call him that) wasn’t a greedy bastard, he also had not had sex at the age of 25 and never bothered to learn. (PS: His penis was working fine at the time). When I was ready it took us time to get comfortable with our bodies and then decided to give it a try. It was 3 days of gentle penetration till we could go all the way. After that, it was excitement all through till we broke up. He was a gentle lover and I was happy I gave it up on my own terms.


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