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6 brothers recount their first time getting a condom.

Why are people always so ashamed to get a condom? I mean we are all having sex aren’t we? Or at least a good number of adults are, so what exactly is the big deal?

I mean you walk into a pharmacy and you have to wait for everyone to go out before you buy a condom because you don’t want those eyes tearing through your skin or feel hell drawing closer from the judgmental stares condemning you to the devil.

Somehow it is always awkward getting a condom. Listen to the stories of these 6 brothers (no relation) as they recount the first time they got a condom


It was about 1 am. We were leaving a party and a girl had picked me as the one she was going home with. My friend asked “O boy you get condom?”, like going home with me was a given for sex. I replied no and we had to look for a pharmacy open at that time (luckily it wasn’t a long search, chemists in student environments know to stick around for condom emergencies). I didn’t want to spend much so I bought the standard gold circle. Anyways, turns out I didn’t need the condom, the girl was really into us talking about “our future” first, asking questions like “Can you take care of me?”. Niggress I am in 200 level, you want to smash or not. We settled with cuddling and I squeezed her breasts as hard as I could. Some compensation, woke up with blue balls in the morning and went to write my Anatomy Stipple chase exam


In a community where everyone knew everyone, it wasn’t the easiest thing in and around history. Growing up, I knew for sure people leave their immediate environment to go study and chase life in general. Well, well, before you bat your eyes, I did too. Only for the reason you may barely imagine; Condoms! I couldn’t risk anyone knowing me at that Chemist store. It was gold circle. At least, that was the most popular and affordable at that time. Immediately I had it on my hand, I didn’t think twice as to what to do with it. Don’t get wild. I already knew I was gonna be having sex of course. Right there, I asked for their trash can, so I could dispose the little carton on it. This is because I didn’t want to give anyone the idea of what was in my pocket.


Sincerely I had a lot of unprotected sex before I could start using condoms for the fear of STDs and pregnancy. It was really difficult the first time, I had to summon courage, made sure it was an unknown environment with a young male sales person and fortunately it was displayed where I could reach it so I had to just pick it up without having to say it and just gave him money. Till date I hardly buy condoms in my neighborhood🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


It was crazy! The lady at the pharmacy kept looking at me strangely. It was a Gold Circle brand and those still had 4 pieces inside each pack. She asked me if I knew how to use it…at first, I was so embarrassed. Suddenly, there was this mad boldness that came over me. I asked her if she knew any other ways to use it. We ended up using two of them, though.


Well it one tough mission. When I got to malam shop I had to wait for everyone I met there to buy what they where there to get. Even when I was the only one left, when I want to ask for what I wanted and someone else comes up before I could order, I will ask the malam to attend to them. Mhen I was there for almost 30min till the malam came out of his shop and whispered into my ears what I wanted. I told him and he went in and got it for me and doubled the nylon for me


Okay, umm, I was curious and wanted to know how to wear one before the time came so I went to a store, owned and attended to by a lady that knows my parents, boldly told her to give me gold circle and I paid for it, I was praying to God she didn’t ask questions, she did, I didn’t answer, I ran. Lol. Oh and very importantly, I had to wait for everyone that came to buy something to go. I sat for almost an hour!

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