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5 ladies share their experience with masturbation

WARNING!!! This post contains sexual content some people may find offensive. Please take note.

Let’s face facts, when it comes to sexual experience, women miss out a lot. Some people do not even know when they have orgasms or what exactly it means. Before we move any further, let me tell you, if as a lady, you don’t know if you have ever had an orgasm, then you haven’t had one. Because, believe me, you will definitely know when you have one.

As I was saying, the percentage of men who masturbate are relatively higher than women. Women often shy away from their own sexual pleasure (only God knows why). Others, however, are not so shy. They explore, want to know what the fuss is about and they are willing to share their findings


First time I tried masturbating, I was 16. I did it with a candlestick, lol. I had never had sex before but I was tingling a lot. I decided to try it. Saw it in pornography, but she was using a bottle. I was not about to do that to myself so I picked a candle. First of all, I didn’t know what I was doing. I stuck the candle in there and was looking at it like I expected it to move on its own, lol. I moved it myself, didn’t like it and took it out. I didn’t try masturbating again till I was 20 and that was because I didn’t know what orgasm was and I really wanted to find out. My o my. I did it right this time. I did it really good and I highly recommend it. I was in a good mood all day that day.


First time I did it, I injured myself cos my friends told me to put it inside, anyways I didn’t do it again for a year cos the experience was bad, fast forward to 2020, I started doing it again, a lot, every day and it makes me feel good… To me, it’s important cos guys don’t make me cum and I have to cum otherwise so yeah… It doesn’t make me want men less sha… Dicks are still good😅


I wasn’t really into masturbating. I tried one time and I felt nothing. Then I got a vibrator. By all the gods who made man, that was the best decision I ever made. I felt my legs about to run out of my body. To be honest, this is how I know that love goes beyond sex o because no man has ever made me cum like that. I was squirting. I didn’t even think I could but I did, more than once. It felt really good. Whenever I masturbate, I feel toxins and negative energy leaving my body. I am still very disappointed that some women shy away from this. I mean, it is your body, embrace it, love it, understand it. Oh well sha. Everybody with their own.


Firstly I do need to say that I feel every lady should masturbate. I know it might feel weird, but it is worth the try. Just to know how you like to be pleased. Like it or not, men love women that know what they want, in bed or otherwise. I didn’t use to masturbate. I acted like I was a porn star. Practising how to sound in bed, dirty things to say, I did it a lot that I thought I liked it. I bumped into the “sex education” series last year. I related to the character “Aimee”. I got to the part where she was advised to masturbate to understand herself. I felt like the movie was speaking to me and I decided to try too. Let me just give this vote of thanks to Netflix, the writers of that series and all the casts. See eh, I have been suffering. You see that porn voice I was practising? It was not next to how loudly I was about to scream. It helped me know exactly how and where I wanted to be touched. No lies here ladies, masturbate abeg. If you don’t want to use hands, get a vibrator. O necesstri o


I usually watch porn when I start. I have a few toys that I use from time to time — generally just a vibrator. When I was younger I’d do it daily, but now I do it two to three times a week. I do it for a variety of reasons: when I can’t sleep, when I’m stressed, or sometimes when I am bored. Masturbating has helped me to feel comfortable in my own skin, and to know what I like, which helps my relationships with both male and female partners.

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