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10 weird sex stories that will genuinely get you worried.

WARNING!!!: Parts of this story may contain sexual contents that may be disturbing or extreme to some

Sex isn’t always as electrifying as you’d want it to be. I mean we imagine the theme music playing, the sexy lingerie and the slow and steady rhythm that comes with the sex or if you’re hungry, you just want to jump right into it and scatter everywhere in the process but it ain’t always so is it?

The craziest things can happen in the bedroom that would make you rethink having sex again or trying that new position you had in mind.

Read the stories of these youngsters as they describe their weird and worse sexual enocpunter.


I’ve met people in this life sha. There was this guy I met, he fine die!!! We use to talk a whole lot and we went out on like three dates before I decided to give him the coochie. Got to his place and all, he had earlier told me to make sure I wear panties, when we started making out, he took off my panties and started sniffing it. I was mad uncomfortable. Like why? Ok, baba give me head and he was sniffing the pot!!! My lawd!! I had to stand up to ask him what the problem was? He said that was the only way he knew how to get hard. Do you know this guy kept sniffing my panties and he was smashing? See I don’t remember if I felt anything but I wanted to leave. I left in the morning before he got up. I took my panties too o. Because eh!!


So this was actually the first time I was having sex. I had zero experience and my lover had no patience. He kept hissing a lot at my inexperience. Saying stuff like “madam turn na” or “aunty move this way”. To be honest, after that, I still don’t want sex. It was not passionate at all. I am not even sure if I came, I couldn’t hear myself respond with his many hissing


Lol, okay, okay, okay. There was this girl I was dating and we were first doing kiss kiss and never would advance past that. We were trying hard to resist the urge to not have sex, but all that make-out ish be making it hard (lol, see what I did there). One day this babe just got angry and said we should book a hotel, because unfortunately I didn’t have my own place then, me without thinking twice and konji filled booked it and we went. Time for the sex now, I pulled out my condom real smooth, teased the fuck out of her, she was hungry for me. See with all this hunger you’d be expecting a great end to this story but that wasn’t the case. I wore the condom I had out and before I slipped it in she said I should be gentle, I agreed and went as slowly as I could and once I was in I started to increase the pace, eyes closed and enjoying myself almost cumming and I realised something, someone wasn’t making sounds like I’m used to, I open my eyes to see this girl just laid there taking the D like those strong guys in secondary school that don’t cry when being flogged, seldomly grunting. I was mad confused, I started to think if I was doing something wrong, I changed position, nothing, I got tired, came and rested. The end? No, we tried again, several times, several days, different styles, still, nothing, went for almost 2 hours one-time cos I was determined, nothing still. Let’s just say we aren’t dating anymore now sha. 😅


So long story short is that this guy wanted to use his huge dick to rupture my ass😩😩. I’m sure my scream woke up the whole estate😂😂😂. I was scarred for a long ass time. I still have PTSD from that encounter


Mine is that this guy was giving me anal and because I was screaming he thought it was enjoying it too much but when I couldn’t take it any longer I used my bum to push him off me and warned him not to do it again.


First time I tried anal with my girl was just too scary. It was the worse sex I ever had. Babe passed out. And the way it happened, I didn’t even know. She gave a loud cry and I thought it was because she liked it because she cries like that. I kept going and when I saw she wasn’t responding to my “you like that”, I had to stop to check. I saw she was just passed out. I really thought I had killed her. I finally revived her and this bitch said “babe that was so good”, I mean!!! Nah.


So it happened months after my first time having sex, which by the way turned out better than I would have imagined. She was a girl I’ve been kinda dating before I went to school so after my graduation and I got home. We finally reconnected after being separated for almost 2 years. She came over, we talked about a lot of things and stuff, and then we started talking about sex, and she showed me a porn video on her phone, watched it and we became horny and decided to get our grooves on. Disclaimer! I had never used a condom and I didn’t know how to put one on. Though I’ve previously had mind bugling sex, without condoms, I really don’t know why I decided to use one on this day, damn you, dude🤦. So we started making out, I was in my zone, sucking her beautiful breast, with very tiny nipples, from there I moved down to giving her head. Oshe! Johnny Sin, then she was asked me to put it in, I brought out my 50 naira sachet of Gold circle, she hated it, said the smell makes her uncomfortable, I said she’ll have to manage.
Okay, as Nigerian Keiran Lee, come and wear a condom, that’s when, my ancestors remembered me, forcefully trying to put a condom on my hard dick, the sensation of the latex, got me Cumming, before I could go. You need to see how embarrassed and sad I was. If I could literally bury my head on the ground like an ostrich, I would.


So this was back in uni, yeah, and this was our first time having sex (with each other) and so in the process of the knacks na, mama was crying 😢 like at first I didn’t wanna believe she was crying because she was moaning so GOOD! And she was holding me tight, but something in me said I should slow down and it was then I realized my head wasn’t playing games with me! She was actually crying 😭 and I felt like I did something to her or I must have wounded her while clapping her cheeks and it was then I began to cry as well 🤣🤣 like I don’t know where that sober reflection came from yeah, but It Just hit me and she noticed and decided to pacify me 😂🥴 at this point it got really weird so she said in her word ”you weren’t hurting me in any way, I am fine” those words made me feel better and we went for the second round ☺️


So there was this girl I wanted to smash so bad because she was pretty plus, I was a little attracted to her a little. So I went home with her and she made me dinner, it was really nice and after dinner, we spoke for a while and then we started making out. I should have known it was gonna be bad because she kept biting my upper lip when we were making out. Personally I hate being bitten unless its a soft and sexy bite, the kind that will even spur me on. Anyways we kept making out till our clothes came off then I noticed she was really hairy down there (which is a turn off for me) and she said I should bear with her that her boyfriend loves it hairy. Like da f@#k? I was already turned off cuz Omo that meant I wouldn’t be able to give her head and believe me I love going down on a girl especially if u clean. So I tried fingering her and aunty kept telling me my fingers were not long enough to hit her spots. And she kept talking and talking .. Omo I just rolled over, stood up wore my boxers and shirt and went out to smoke a cigarette. And when I got back in
She wanted us to start again but I told her I was tired


The sex wasn’t just bad, it was weird too. So this guy I was seeing then. He was so weird. First time I was at his house, I was sleeping with blanket on. When he started touching me and I was feeling it, I wanted to remove the blanket but he put it back on. It was awkward but ok. He joined me inside the blanket, and continued what he was doing. When he kissed me, oh Jehovah. You know when you’re drinking caprisonne and you want to suck out the last drop, I was caprisonne that day. It was so painful. He was sucking the life out of me. Then time to go in and he still would not remove the blanket or his boxers. It was so weird. I didn’t see his D once. Then he kept asking me “are you hurting?”, “Do you like it?”. I dunno if he thought he was big enough to hurt me or make me feel other than what I was already feeling. I just told him “See I’ll let you know when I feel anything other than what I’m feeling”. I was really uncomfortable. Then I turned over for the next position, still inside the freaking blanket, and this guy grabbed me by the back of my neck with all force in the world. How I am alive I only thank God because he wanted to break my neck for me. Honestly it was terrible. I don’t know how we, well he, managed to finish under all that cover and boxer but he did.


Mine always makes me laugh. People might enjoy plenty talk during sex but I hate it. Then I went to jamb one that not only talks but shouts. Like why are you shouting? It is not even an attractive shout, he will be shouting in his language. “Baby you are sweet” then plenty “YE!!”. “CHINEKE”, “NNE” and then full sentences in his language. Let’s not even get started with when he is cuming. The neighbours hear him, you guys 😭😭😭😭. The guy honestly irritated me.


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