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10 Nigerian women share their worst outfit mishaps

Have you ever dressed to kill only to feel like the outfit killed you? Wardrobe malfunctions can be the most embarrassing thing ever.

Lets face it, it feels worse when you are a lady because a good percentage of ladies take their looks very personal.

Have a little laugh with these 8 ladies as they described their own experience with outfit mishaps


I was going to a friend’s party, and I wore this very nice jean pants, In fact, this was my favourite jean pants in the whole world, with this very nice off-shoulder top, (you know those tops are not so long). I entered a public transport. I didn’t know my jeans was hooked to one an iron on the chair. When I got to my bus stop, it tore!! Really badly and me being me, was wearing jeans string. My right ass cheek was out in the open. I could feel the breeze blowing my ass. I quickly jumped down and stood against a wall. Thankfully, my friend was around the corner going for the party too. He picked me up and I went home. There was no party for me that day. The day was ruined already. I was already embarrassed. It wasn’t even a night event. It was afternoon/ early evening so everyone that passed that side must have seen my ass cheek


It was 2009… I was leaving the house to my guy’s place… I entered bike and as I came down the trouser ripped a little… I did not bother cuz it was in a place no one could see and it was just small… Or so I thought… I had no idea when the rip became worse and visible… A guy walked up behind me “girl you know your trouser is torn abi”… I was trying to act oblivious but Uncle did not buy it o… He had to rub it in with “don’t act like you don’t know”… I wanted to enter the ground… I entered another bike to the front of my father’s house and I threw the trouser away… It just was not worth fixing 🤒


I remember when I was in ss3, I always thought that the colour of the blouse should be the colour of the bra. So I went for jamb lesson feeling so cute with my white bra in my white blouse. I got to the hall and then everyone was looking at me. I thought my dress was banging that was why they looked at me. Then the jamb lecturer called me and told me to answer a question. The red bulb was directly under me. Then I saw girls coming to give me a jacket and I was so furious. After the jamb lesson, the owner called me and told me never to dress like that again that my boobs and white bra were revealing.


God knows I’ll never forget the day my favourite pant trousers got torn. It was a Wednesday morning and I was really excited to go to the office. Yes, I knew I had added some weight due to the lockdown, but I was bent on wearing those trousers, cos I loved the way it brought out my shape, you know. I knew there was a little tear at the back, close to the back pocket, I ignored it, I mean, what’s the worse that can happen. Long story short, I got to the office, during the break, was hanging around with the rest of my colleagues, someone made a joke, I laughed so hard I squatted, and the next sound I heard was that which only I could hear, didn’t want to believe my trousers were torn, I quietly asked a female colleague to check how bad. MEHN!! It was very bad, I told her to cover me with her self while I quietly left the scene straight to my office, thankfully I had a jacket I usually wear when I’m cold, I used it to cover my shame😂😂, what a day
Just so you know I fixed the trousers and I think I’ll be wearing it to the office tomorrow, I mean it’s one of my favourite trousers, can’t help it


So this happened at a friend’s birthday party. This friend from secondary school was having her birthday just after we finished youth service. I was not in the mood to party but it was an opportunity to reconnect with old friends. What harm could a little party do? I had not gotten a job and I wasn’t doing anything at home so yeah I got dressed. Wore a body-con gown, knee length sleeveless dress. I had to come correct. These are people I haven’t seen in a while so I needed to look my best. Did a full glam on make up and was set before anyone could say Jack. Got there everyone exchanged pleasantries, it was really nice to see so many people. Many of us had grown a few inches taller, others looked more beautiful- overall so many things had changed and we were no longer the teenagers that left secondary school 6 years ago. The party was underway when I saw eyes tearing into my skin from every corner. What was the problem? Were they not happy to see me? Did the smiles and hugs fool me, did I spill drink on my dress? What was it? As I was worrying my head, a friend pulled me to the side and told me my waist beads were showing (Omg😳😳) I was mortified. Why today of all days? Why today of all days? But I checked myself in the full length mirror in my room. Why didn’t I notice anything? Saying the floor should swallow me would be an understatement. I was just grateful for the friend who alerted me and took me to the bathroom I yanked it off. How dare a silly waist bead ruin my bad ass outfit? That was the last time I ever wore a waist bead. I couldn’t even go back to the party. I just found an excuse to leave through the backdoor. My time there was done. I had met friends which was the purpose of being at the party in the first place. what was your own experience? How did you feel and how did you handle it?


One faithful day during my internship, I wore an Ankara pencil skirt to work. The skirt was very tight but who cares I looked great in it. But apparently the Lagos danfo I was about to enter on my way back didn’t care. It was so difficult to enter this bus due to the skirt but I managed to with it tearing a bit at the back. The wardrobe malfunction didn’t end there, when I got down from the bus it tore all the way up before my bum but we bless God for the big bag I carried that covered my shame.


So I was going out and I wore a jumpsuit and a jean jacket, I didn’t know it was torn at all and nobody saw me. When I went to see this person and he saw the jacket and asked what happened to it and I said nothing but when he showed me, I used style to say that’s how I cut it to be and he said okay but I should look for how to rectify it


There was a week, I thought I dressed to kill. I had this neighbour who has been asking me out for a while. I wore a sexy gown this day, little did I know the tip of the gown was tucked into my panties. I kept cat-walking. Worst day ever when I finally realised it. I am glad I moved out.


Mine was my shoe ooo. Omg! I just made a fine dress that needed a silver shoe to make it the bomb… Luckily, I had a silver shoe, I was so happy I was going to kill it that day. Sunday morning got dressed wore my dress wore my silver shoe🙄 walked to church ooo only to enter church compound and shoe scatter for floor. I couldn’t breathe. E mi! Big girl😭😭😭 people will laugh at me🤦‍♀️ I quickly entered my church bookshop to beg for slippers, that’s how the woman was not even showing concern, my heart sank. I finally took the dirty bathroom slippers I saw and wore it like that, I waited for my sister to finish their service so I can borrow her shoes. Omo I was thinking about how my village people finally got me in chuuurrrchh ooo😫😅 The moment I saw my sister, I quickly ran to their car and that’s how I followed them home. I no go church again oo. You don’t want to know how I flanged the silver shoe to my enemies🤣🤣🤣🤣


There was this time my mom bought me a plain and pattern material. One of my lecturers was getting married at that time so I used a bit from the material to make a gown for the wedding. and I then the plain one to make a trouser and the pattern one to make a short-sleeve shirt. I went to church looking so fiiiinnneee. I was in the church media crew. After doing my normal round and snapping pastor, I went to the mixer to work and that was when my friend told me my trouser was torn. Like it was torn from top to bottom, like my butt o. I do not know how many people saw that. I just sat down on my sit for the remaining part of service. Luckily, a girl from the media department wore a two wrapper outfit and she gave me one. That’s how I tied it like a new style and I waited for everybody to leave the church before I left.


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