Sadness takes its toll as Naya Rivera is confirmed dead

You know those movies where someone goes missing and they are later found and some bomb story about them missing comes up but in the end everyone is fine? Lowkey, we were all praying this would be the case for Naya Rivera. Sadly this is not a movie. It is real life and there are no scripts written for it. At least no script written by us.

On the 8th of July, 2020, Glee star actress, Naya Rivera was declared missing after the boat she boarded with her son came back with just her 4-year-old son on it. The police department had been searching nonstop for her. A lot of celebrities and fans have been saying their prayers for her and showing as much support as they could.

Unfortunately, today her body was found at Lake Piru, the same place she boarded her boat. Although the cause of death has not been declared, the world is currently in grief

Death is such a sad tale. One can only imagine what her son’s life would be without her. He must have been so frightened boarding a boat with his mother and coming back alone and even more confused now he will never get to see his mother again. Words are very difficult at this point.

Do we call this another unfortunate event of 2020? This year has truly been a lot. But we can only wish and pray for it to get better

Our prayers go to her grieving family. May they receive the strength to carry on.

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