News Today; Suspected Herdsmen Challenge Ondo Government, Navy Arrest 17, Destroy 15 Militant Training Camps

Suspected Herdsmen Challenge Ondo Government, Kill 2 In Village Ambush, Burn Amotekun Vehicles

Carcass of Amotekun Vehicles Burnt By Herders In Ondo

It appears the entreaties made by the Ondo State for herders to desist from terrorizing people have fallen on deaf ears, as reports of an ambush which claimed two lives was recorded in an Owo Village on Thursday.

Bandits suspected to be herdsmen were reported to have killed a farmer and a vigilante connected to Amotekun Corps. in an ambush on Sanusi Village in the Owo Local Government Area of Ondo State.

This dastardly attack came on the heels of a vacation order made by the Ondo State Governor for criminal herders to leave the state’s forest reserves.

It is understood the criminals, who masquerade as herders, usually use the forests as hideout for kidnapping, negotiations and armoury for illicit arms and ammunitions.

Men of the Amotekun Corps. were responding to a distress call about a village attack when they accosted the criminal herders who ambushed Sanusi village.

Operational vehicles belonging to Amotekun Corps. were torched by the brazen criminal herders in their bid to melt away into the forests. But the day, however, belonged to the bold security agents who effected the arrest of some of the escaping criminals.

Public Relations Officer to Amotekun Corps. in Ondo State, Mr. Adebayo Ayeni, disclosed to the press the the arrest of the criminal herders was a major breakthrough in Ondo State’s efforts to clear undesirable elements out of the area.

The Sanusi village incident is the latest in efforts to tame criminal herders in Ondo. Two armed herdsmen with 200 cows were ealier apprehended during the week for violating the state’s Open Grazing laws.

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Nigerian Navy Arrest 17, Destroy 15 Militant Training Camps In 6-Month Anti-Piracy Operations

Navy Team Arrest 17 In Anti-Piracy Operation

Efforts to rid Nigerian seas and waterways of piracy and other criminal activity recorded major wins as the Nigerian Navy released a report of destruction of training camps used by militants in Awka Ibom and Rivers State.

Gallant personnel of the Nigerian Navy Ship, NNS Jubilee, in a series of Search-and-Destroy missions over 6 months, vanquished 15 militant training camps in the oil-rich Ikot Abasi local Government Area of Akwa Ibom.

The usually wily militants it appears were caught unawares, as 17 arrests were made in the series of successful anti-piracy and anti-robbery operations. All thanks to the people who supplied useful intel to the Navy.

Also recovered from the missions were 285,000 litres of illegally refined AGO and different kinds of ammunitions. The suspects have been duly handed over for prosecution.

Commander of NNS Jubilee, Commodore Abdulmajid Ibrahim, reported with gratitude they owe their successful missions to the cooperation and intelligence gathered from members of the public.

Should we witness more of the people giving up vital information about illegal maritime activities, militancy and sea-piracy would be going out of fashion soon. Kudos to the people.

What can security agencies do to encourage people to voluntarily give information and intel about criminal activity in the neighourhoods? Got any ideas? Please share.

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LAWMA Shuts Down Popular Rice Market For Being Stinkingly Dirty

Daleko Market – Locked Up For Consistently Being Dirty

In case you can’t get rice to buy in the market this weekend at the normal price, look in no other direction than that of Lagos traders whose unsanitary waste disposal methods has caused the shut down of major suppliers from Daleko.

Reports have it that popular Lagos Rice market, Daleko Market, in the Mushin part of the metropolis, has fallen under LAWMA’s hammer for being persistently dirty.

The Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) flexed its sanitary muscles over the persistently untidy market by placing it under lock and key over improper disposal of waste late Thursday night.

It is understood the operators of the popular market had been previously served several notices to get their acts right over improper management of waste in the market. But the traders didn’t heed the warnings..

Occupants at Daleko Market (and a host of other Lagos markets, if we’re being honest) have been severally warned to desist from dumping waste indiscriminately because they usually end up in the drainages.

Blocking the free flow of wastewater eventually constitutes a problem. With the rainy season less than 3 months away, LAWMA had warned the whole area could end up as one giant cesspit.

Most Lagos traders disobey environmental laws flagrantly until the government bares its fangs. We’ve witnessed this drama in the case of the Ladipo Spare Parts market also. This isn’t entirely new…Sadly

LAWMA can’t be blamed one bit for enforcing the law in this Daleko case too. Many Lagos traders are still guilty of patronising cart pushers instead of the recommended PSP operators.

Who would should blamed for the closure of a market this important to the supply of rice to the Lagos metropolis? Is the government for laying down the law or the businessmen and women who don’t particularly care about trading in hygienic environments?

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Covid-19 Watch: Bed Occupancy In Lagos Care Centres Drops To 46%

Lagos Covid-19 Incident-Manager-In-Chief, Dr. Akin Abayomi

For people nursing hopes of Covid-19 disappearing and life returning to normal soon, it appears prayers have been answered because more patients are getting discharged from the hospital.

Lagos Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi (Incident-Manager-In-Chief) says the bed occupancy level in the state’s public and private COVID-19 care centres has reduced to 46 per cent! Good news at last.

According to Dr. Abayomi, the surge recorded last December 2020 in bed occupancy in the treatment of COVID-19 public and private isolation centres, began to ebb from the beginning of February 2021.

The report was based data made available on the state’s COVID-19 update for Wednesday Feb. 10.

Lagos State had conducted 323,825 Covid-19 tests while 3,589 COVID-19 patients have been treated and discharged from the state’s care centres.

While Lagos and Nigeria isn’t yet in the clear, reduction of any kind in Covid-19 cases is enough reason for a sigh of relief because getting Nigerians to step forward for testing is a major challenge by itself.

Going forward, Dr. Abayomi has urged Lagosians to continue using their facemasks, washing of hands, and adhering to social distancing guidelines.

The question is, what do you think is responsible for the drop in number of admissions in Lagos’ Covid-19 cases? People refusing to test or Lagosians taking better care of themselves?

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Photo Speak – Images From The Burial Of Ex-Lagos Governor Lateef Jakande In Lagos

He came. He saw. And he definitely conquered.

Former Lagos governor (and builder of modern Lagos), Lateef Kayode Jakande aka Baba Kekere, has been committed to mother earth, according to Islamic rites, in the Lagos that means so much to him.

Here are some of the photos of the solemn event attended by dignitaries including former governors of Lagos, lawmakers and other distinguished Lagosians.

(Image Credit – nairaland.com)

Tokyo 2020 Olympics President Resigns Over Sexism Row

Embattled Yoshiro Mori Resigns From Tokyo2020 Organizing Committee

Ever since he made the Freudian slip that women talk too much, the Tokyo2020 chief knew he dropped a major clanger. And now it’s cost him his lofty position in the Olympics Games Organizing Committee.

Yoshiro Mori, the embattled president of the Tokyo Olympics Games (and former Prime Minister of Japan) has resigned on Friday following backlash (very deserved if you asked anyone) over sexist comments he made suggesting women talk too much in meetings.

The 83-year-old sparked outrage last week after he made the remarks during an executive board meeting that was held online. He said he was expressing his personal opinion and didn’t mean to ruffle feathers (well, he did and he’s paid now).

Mori was quoted to have said “Women are competitive. When someone raises his or her hand and speaks, they probably think they should speak too. That is why they all end up making comments.”

Although he apologised the next day after the slip-up but the dam of emotions had already busted.

Hundreds of female Tokyo2020 volunteers walked away from their posts in protest, with female sports and media personalities carpeting him for the inappropriate views about women. In local parlance – he got dragged like a faulty Tiger generator.

Plans are in place to replace Mori with 84-year-old sports administrator, Saburo Kawabuchi. He was the former chief of the Japanese league.

Nobody needs to warn Mr. Kawabuchi to watch what he says, his dragging won’t be any less stringent. Who says women aren’t powerful?

(Image Credit – mirror.co.uk)

15 Arrested Over Allegations Of Burial Fraud Worth $700,000 Connected With Mandela’s 2013 Funeral

Sindiswa Gomba, Eastern Cape Health Minister Docked Over Mandela’s Burial Fraud

No less than 15 people have been arrested in South Africa for playing a fast one with funds committed into the burial of former president, Nelson Mandela, in 2013.

The high profile suspects, some of whom are movers and shakers in the South African political scene, are facing charges of alleged fraud, money laundering in contravention of the Municipal Finance Management Act and corruption.

The funeral fraud was pulled off between the period of 2013 and 2014 (when the country was yet to get over the great loss of Madiba – cold hearted these fraudsters).

The shady bunch arrested include the health minister of Eastern Cape province, Sindiswa Gomba, some businessmen, and lawmakers from the African National Congress (ANC). Sacrilege, you say…Wait, there’s more.

Also among them are regional chair Pumlani Mkolo, former Buffalo City metro mayor, Zukiswa Ncitha and council speaker, Luleka Simon-Ndzele.

They will be answering to allegations related to jacking up the cost of transportation of mourners and booking of venues during the memorial service and funeral preparations for Mandela by the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality.

The suspects paid a mere US$70 bail bond each and surrendered their passports as part of their bail conditions before being released.

How come people can’t do without getting their hands caught in the cookie jar at every turn, even over burial expenses? Why steal in the name of the dead?

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