News Today; Controversial IPOB Leader Orders ESN Cease Fire And Calls Men To Return To The Forests, One Dead 200 Injured In Violent Anti-Government Protest In Lebanese City Of Tripoli

Controversial IPOB Leader Orders ESN Cease Fire And Calls Men To Return To The Forests

In a remarkable turn of events, controversial leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and founder of the shadowy Eastern Security Network (ESN), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has astonishingly called for his men to stand down in the ugly confrontation between them and the Nigerian security forces.

Recall last Friday that Orlu, Imo State, reportedly came under fire when men of the unapproved security outfit, ESN, engaged in a bloody gunfight with the military over allegations them killing policemen and soldiers in cold blood.

The showdown lead to Governor Hope Uzodinma, as a matter of urgency, imposing an indefinite curfew on 10 Local Government Areas of Imo State to restore normalcy to the state and the region as a whole.

It appears the fact that the stalemate between the Nigerian military and the ESN satisfies Kanu, leading to his calling his men to ceasefire and melt into the forests to keep their gunpowder dry for the meantime.

Kanu reportedly stated that his intelligence has it that the military and the police had agreed to withdraw from the troubled areas, hence the need for his wards to observe a moment of rest themselves.

Who could be said to be the winner in the confrontation which lead to the untimely death of no less than five persons, and the burning of property worth millions of naira between the unapproved ESN and the Nigerian Military? Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the general with the shadow army or the military authorities who reportedly had another agenda besides that of restoring peace to the trouble Orlu area? Please let us know…

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One Dead 200 Injured In Violent Anti-Government Protest In Lebanese City Of Tripoli

Violence witnessed on the third night of anti-government protests in the city of Tripoli, Lebanon, has recorded one death and over 200 injured citizens.

Angry demonstrators took to the streets following the imposition of Covid-19 Lockdowns, to slow down the surge of infections recorded in the Middle-East country since the beginning of the second wave of the pandemic.

Things fell apart in Tripoli, one of Lebanon’s poorest areas, when citizens could no longer cater to basic needs like food and medical care because the lockdown prevented the people from making money to take care of themselves.

In true unstoppable force meeting with an immovable object fashion, angry protesters unleashed petrol bombs and stones on security forces, who responded with tear gas, an AFP correspondent reported.

The dead citizen identified as 29-year-old Omar Tayba, met his end from a bullet wound fired by over-zealous security operative late on Wednesday night. Police brutality making its presence felt in another part of the world, won’t you say?

By the time the violent demonstration abated, the National News Agency said 226 people had been injured in the evening’s clash – 102 of them were treated by the Lebanese Red Cross, and another 124 by the Islamic Medical Association. At least 66 people were admitted to hospitals, while the security forces recorded nine injuries among their own ranks.

Something reminiscent of the EndSars events in Nigeria, what will it take the Police, in any part of the world, to be humane towards the people they’re hired to protect? Please let’s know if you have an answer…

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Dangote Cheapened Me With $15,000 ‘Hush Money’- Says Billionaire Ex-Paramour Ms Spikes

Can you say it to anybody’s face they can’t cheapen you if they offered you $15,000 in any situation? While you’re still thinking about it, check out the view of former girlfriend to Africa’s richest man, Ms Spikes.

In another round of fire being hurled in their widely circulated beef, Autumn Spikes, says she was insulted when the billionaire sugardaddy offered her $15,000 and another $2,500 monthly to keep their affair under wraps. $2,500 is chicken change? Did somebody just say, “Wow”?

“I was insultingly offered $15k and 2,500 a month to sign an NDA but I declined,” Ms Spikes stated in a recent Instagram post. While She didn’t state how long Dangote offered to pay her the monthly $2,500 upkeep, she however, said she got a lawyer to counter his offer. Seems she wants the whole bag itself and not the change coming from the bag.

When things turned sour between the former lovers, we don’t know but Ms Spikes blew the lid on things with her viral social media post on the 1st of January 2021. It is being said on Wednesday Dangote sued Ms Spikes in a U.S. court in Florida, accusing her of trying to extort $5 million from him on Wednesday.

If Dangote thought he’s going to have it easy, it seems he’s got a hot one on his hands because it appears Ms Spikes isn’t backing down on her demands for a comfortable settlement any time soon. Hasn’t the big man entered One-Chance this time?

So we ask again, regardless of the circumstances, is $15,000 too small a hush money for you?

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Foreign Policy Shocker: Biden Freezes Weapon Sales Deal Sealed By Trump With Saudi Arabia And UAE

It’s policy flip-flop and cancellation season in the White House, as President Joe Biden, reverses armament deals reached by his predecessor, Donald Trump, with some of the US’ long-term partners in arms, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

What is being described as a surprise move by many, is however, deemed “typical” (to think they tell others who do such its unstable foreign policy) of new governments in the USA by the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken. Blinken made the disclosure in his first Press briefing on Wednesday.

Billions of dollars in weapons sales to Saudi and the UAE, included the sale of precision-guided munitions, drones and F-35 fighters were frozen with the stroke of a pen by President Biden.

The Trump administration also authorised $290m worth of arms sales to Saudi Arabia at the end of December 2020. (What war could the Saudis be getting ready for to justify such huge sale?)

While US lawmakers, Republicans and Democrats alike, slammed President Trump for facilitating a dangerous arms race, what’s crazy was he continued selling them anyway.

Funny enough, the weapon sales cancellation being frowned at by the Saudis, is being celebrated in Yemen, a country on the receiving end of heavy bombardment in the hands of their more prosperous neighbours. Classic case of one man’s meat being his neighbour’s poison.

Do you think President Biden is encouraging great foreign policy by reversing his predecessor’s policies?

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