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News Today; Show Of Force To Persist At Lekki Tollgate, Bauchi Governor Claims Statement Was Misconstrued

Show Of Force To Persist At Lekki Tollgate Till Further Notice – Lagos Commissioner

Show Of Force To Persist At Lekki Tollgate

It appears the heavy police presence at the venue of Saturday’s peaceful protests will be in place for some time to come, according to the Lagos Commissioner of Police.

Speaking through the Police PRO, Muyiwa Adejobi, the Lagos Police Command has reiterated the police will be staying in their guarded positions, five locations apart from the Lekki Tollgate, till they see reasons to recall them.

While stating that no arrests were made on Monday morning because there was no breakdown of law and order at the Lekki Tollgate, Adejobi said the police presence will still remained at Unity Park, Gani Fawehinmi Park – Ojota, Ogombo Junction – Ajah, Adeniran Ogunsanya Junction -Surulere and other locations across the city.

40 arrests were made on Saturday morning at the Lekki Tollgate while the rest of the city was pensive but recorded no major incidences or clashes.

Going by the events of the last weekend, do you think the heavy presence police in strategic locations could help reduce the level of crime in Lagos?

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Under Pressure Bauchi Governor Claims Statement About Herders Carrying AK-47 For Self-Defence Was Misconstrued

Misunderstood Or Guilty Of Emboldening Herders

The Pandora’s box by Mr. Bala Mohammed’s slip on the Federal Government’s failure on insecurity opened would not be closed so easily. Because tempers are flaring (rightfully so) over the insensitivity of the misplaced self-defence statement he made last Thursday.

Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi state has through his Senior Special Assistant (SSA) on media, Mr. Mukhtar Gidado said, the primary objective of his controversial self-protection comment on herdsmen was to put an end to the dangerous stereotyping of the Fulani clan as criminals.

In simpler terms, Mr. Mohammed said he meant the labelling an entire tribe as criminals because of the crimes of is a few, has achieved nothing but calumniate the Fulani tribe across the whole country.

He was severely (and deservedly) upbraided over the statement by Nigerians, high and low, and particularly by his Ondo State counterpart, Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu, who declared Mohammed an anarchist and unfit for political office.

Recall on Thursday while Mr. Mohammed while weighing in on the parlous state of insecurity across the nation had painted the Fulani herdsmen as victims of government failure, who were in line to protect themselves against others with AK-47 rifles.

What Mr. Mohammed forgot to consider was the controversial herders were the aggressors in the protracted farmer-herders crisis, which has been bubbling under the surface for decades but finally boiled over during the Buhari administration.

Many stakeholders are of the opinion the recent destructive impunity recorded from the herders, regular or criminal, has been as a result of tacit support from the Federal Government.

The herders haven’t been known to be law-abiding in their quest to find fodder for their cattle. The destructive grazing have been parasitic instead of mutually beneficial for farming settlements, like in ages past.

To cap things off, the arrest and prosecution of criminal herders for destruction of farmland, ambush of farming settlements or killing of farmers, has not on recent record anywhere in the country.

Mr. Gidado reinstated his principal, Governor Mohammed, is a law-abiding leader who was only trying to say the Fulani shouldn’t seen as criminal land grabbers and the people criticizing him harshly should be careful not to find themselves as escalators of a nationwide crisis.

Is there anyway Governor Bala Mohammed’s statement had been a straightforward call for lawful self-protection? What do you make of his explanation?

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Jitters In Nigeria As Crude Oil Prices Surge To 13-Month High Following Escalation Of Middle-East Crisis

Blessing Or Headache – Rise In Crude Prices Causes Jitters

Signals from the Middle East has it that crude oil has further climbed to $63.45 a barrel on Monday, the highest since January 22, 2020. A news Nigerians will receive with bitter-sweet feelings.

More crude dollars in the pocket of the Nigerian government doesn’t necessarily translate to smile on the people’s faces because of the propensity to lead to an increase in the pump price of petrol.

What’s responsible for the latest increase in palpitation of Nigerian hearts this time? The rising tensions between Saudi Arabia and Yemen is one of them.

The Saudi Arabia-led coalition fighting in Yemen said on Sunday that it destroyed an explosive-laden drone fired by the Iran-aligned Houthi group toward the kingdom, raising fears of fresh Middle East tensions. The frenzy is good for oil business.

Positive news from the US on Covid-19 relief package is another reason. President Biden is said to be pushing for $1.9 trillion stimulus cheque in the US. Between $1400 – $5600 for American families to spend as hopes of their economy reopening is on the horizon.

Seems the world is presently ganging up on the average Nigerian because the petroleum marketers will be cranking up pump prices for sure now.

Also responsible for the climb in crude oil prices is the springing up of vaccine developments around the world in anticipation of a long term return to normalcy across the globe.

The ease of global lockdowns can only mean one thing – a rise in demand for crude oil for transportation and other production purposes.

Where does this all concern Nigerians again? The rise in local pump prices is very imminent right now. It might even be higher than the previous N185 marketers proposed last week.

What action do you think the Nigerian government should take with the latest development? Let fuel marketers increase the prices of petrol arbitrarily and further damage the Nigerian economy or re-introduce fuel subsidy to alleviate the effect a rise on Nigerians?

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Shasha Market Fallout: Governor Akeredolu Sues For Peace, Appeals To Oyo Citizens Not To Take Laws Into Their Hands

Gov. Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo Pays Oyo State Solidarity Visit Following Clash Between Hausas and Yoruba

Though the ashes of the smoldering fires have barely cooled, there have been calls for peace following Saturday’s violent ethnic conflict which culminated in the destruction of lives and property in Shasha market in Ibadan, Oyo State.

In his capacity as the chair of the Southwest Governors forum, Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu, has sued for peace and reached out to Oyo citizens, particularly the Yoruba indigenes, not to take laws into their hands to forestall a repeat of Saturday’s violence which visited Shasha market.

Governor Akeredolu made the peaceful appeals while on solidarity visit to the scene of the weekend’s bloodbath in Oyo State which kicked off following the stabbing of a Yoruba shoe cobbler by a Hausa cart pusher in Sasha market.

While recognizing the height of provocation and silent calls for regrouping for reprisal attacks on the Hausa community, Governor Akeredolu said the people should let common sense prevail and allow peace to reign in the Southwest region.

Recall the Southwest region has since the turn of the year been engulfed in one ethnic crisis or the other. Previously, the region has had to grapple with incessant crisis between the region’s farmers and the criminal herders which resulted in the vacation order handed down by Mr. Akeredolu himself by last January 2021.

Giving assurance of a return of calm in the Southwest, who have always co-existed peacefully with Nigeria’s other tribes, Governor Akeredolu stated the errant criminals fomenting trouble and anarchy in the region would be decisively dealt with.

Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State has imposed a curfew in the areas affected by the weekend’s ethnic conflict in order to prevent further escalation of violence.

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We Were Beaten, Stripped Naked And Threatened – Defiant Mr. Macaroni Reacts To #OccupyLekkiTollgate Arrest

Battered But Unbroken Mr. Macaroni During And After Arrest

How do you come out of a difficult, torturous, soul-shattering situation? If it’s unbent, undetered, unbroken and defiant like Mr. Macaroni after last weekend’s torturous ordeal in the hands of the police, you are definitely doing well.

Obviously bearing a swollen face and bloodshot eye following hours of torture in the hands of the unscrupulous police, the undeterred Debo Adebayo shared a video thanking the Nigerian youth for standing by him through his difficult arrest alongside 39 other youths last Saturday.

He talked about their beating and humiliation in the hands of the police, who were trying to break the resolve of Nigerians seeking justice from the government.

Besides having their mobile phones smashed and destroyed, the arrested youth were herded, topless in a bus by the brazen security forces. They would have suffered further punishment, had the world had not been aware of the daylight abuse of the apprehended youths’ rights.

While denying being sponsored by anyone, Mr. Macaroni thanked the youths for speaking up in the face of injustice currently in Nigeria and called for unity amongst the youth, whom he said the political class are trying to divide along ethnic lines.

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Rapper Nicki Minaj’s Loses Father In New York Hit-And-Run Accident

The late Robert Maraj With Rapper-Daughter, Nicki

US rapper Nicki Minaj was awash with sadness after the news of her father’s passing, Robert Maraj, broke following a hit-and-run accident in New York.

The 64-year-old Robert Maraj was walking along a road in Mineola on Long Island at 6:15 PM Friday when he was hit by a car that kept going, according to police reports. How does a man go from taking a walk and end up in a coffin…tragic news.

The accident left the man with various injuries which claimed his life barely 24 hours after admission at the hospital over the weekend.

An inquest has begun with the Homicide Squad investigating the case asking the public come forward with useful information which could help in identifying the hit-and-run driver.

The bereaved multi-platinum recording artiste has not made any public statement about her father’s death but tributes are pouring onto her social media pages from fans across the world.

Nicki was born Onika Tanya Maraj in Trinidad and was raised in the Queens, New York.

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Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Appointment As WTO Director-General Confirmed

The storm is finally over and Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala can sing for joy over the protracted drama in the way of her appointment as WTO DG.

According to news breaking from the World Trade Organization’s twitter handle (@WTO), Dr. Okonjo-Iweala has made history as the first woman and the first African to lead the 26 year old trade organization (72 years if you consider its precursor, the GATT).

The decision to appoint her was reached at a special meeting of the WTO General Council, following a selection process which included eight candidates from around the world.

This brings to an end to the three-month wait brought up by the Trump administration rejection of her nomination.

Okonjo-Iweala is a special envoy for the World Health Organization on COVID-19 and, until recently chair of the board of Global Vaccine Alliance (Gavi).

Her term starts on the 1st of March 2021.

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45 Escape Death From Completely Razed BRT Bus In Lagos

Tragedy was averted this Monday along the Anthony area of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor where 45 bus passengers were rescued from a bus fire.

The incident which took place in the BRT corridor at the Idi-Iroko area of Anthony, Lagos, involved a bus belonging to Primero Limited, operators of the Lagos BRT scheme.

The bus which was called to convey passengers another broken down bus headed to the TBS Terminal on Lagos Island from the Owode-Ikorodu end of town, burst into sudden flames on getting to the Anthony area.

Various evasive action were taken by the alarmed bus passengers but none was eventually consumed along with the razed carcass of the faulty bus.

According to first responders to the scene, which vary from NEMA, Police Disaster Management Unit, and the Fire Service, the shaken passengers were all rescued unhurt.

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