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News Today; Rights Lawyer Advice Lagos Youths To Sheathe Swords Over Renewed Protests, NDLEA Makes Drug Bust Worth N32Billion

Rights Lawyer Advice Lagos Youths To Sheathe Swords Over Renewed Lekki Tollgate Protests

Lagos Youths Mobilizing For Renewed Protests At Lekki Tollgate Asked To Embrace Peace

The opposing sides bidding for violence over the controversial reopening of the Lekki Toll plaza on Saturday morning have been urged to sheathe their swords by a Lagos Rights lawyer.

Mr. Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa (SAN), Human Rights lawyer and member of the Lagos State EndSARS judicial panel, has reached out to youths mobilizing to march in protests and counter-protests, to put their plans on ice, in the interest of peace.

Adegboruwa said holding protests against the debatable decision of the panel to reopen the tollgate will undermine the progress made so far made by the panel. There’s time for everything and Mr. Adegoruwa believes it is a time for peace, not further mayhem.

Recall Lagos youths have been vocal on social media in the past two days in calls for renewed hostilities over the controversial handing over of operations of the Lekki Toll plaza to Lagos Concessionaire Company (LCC).

Judging by what’s on social media, a small war is in the offing because both proposed protesters and counter-protesters have picked the same date, time and venue to make their grievances known.

Should the protests proceed as things are, violent clashes are inevitable, apparent suicide on the part of the exuberant young Lagosians because it isn’t likely the security agencies would intervene and restore peace.

Restating that everyone has the right to protest, Mr. Adegoruwa said the alleged bloodshed, mayhem, repressions and violence of October 2020 in general, should not be encouraged to be repeated again.

Wise words from a seasoned litigator and rights campaigner. When two armies fight each other, it is like one large army committing suicide. And there’s no reason to relive the violence of October 20, 2020.

What do you make of Mr. Adegoruwa’s call for peace to Lagos youths? Timely or just moving the problem to another day?

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NDLEA Makes Drug Bust Worth N32Billion At Lagos SeaPort

NDLEA records Drug Bust At Tincan

It seems the change of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) isn’t just a breath of fresh air, its like waking a sleeping giant because the spate of drug busts they’ve recorded in recent weeks has been unprecedented. The anti-narcotics agency has literarily struck gold again, this time at a Lagos Seaport.

The Tincan Port command of the NDLEA has seized 40 parcels containing cocaine weighing 43.11kg at the Tincan Port, Lagos. This drug bust is reportedly worth an eye-watering N32 billion on the streets! This is nothing short of amazing.

It is said the illegal consignment has been under surveillance of keen NDLEA operatives posted at the Tincan port for some days, until clearing agents showed up on Feb. 8, to clear it.

Upon arrest and comprehensive interrogation of the clearing agents, it was learnt the illegal consignment came into Nigeria from Brazil aboard a vessel named MV SPAR Scorpio. A thorough search of the vessel revealed 40 compressed parcels, which after lab tests proved positive to be the almighty psychedelic drug, cocaine.

The Tincan port seizure followed closely on the heels of similar drug busts at Lagos and Abuja airports. Cannabis farms and other narcotics related busts (like interception of Tramadol pills) were equally recorded in Edo, Katsina, Nasarawa and Benue State Commands in the last three weeks.

These recent commendable activities to rid Nigeria of illicit drugs and the drug barons peddling them took place immediately the leadership of the NDLEA was handed to retired Gen. Buba Marwa by President Buhari.

As commendable as this drugs busts are, do you think the NDLEA can sustain the good work or the drug barons will change tactics and continue their shady businesses in another way?

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Finally – Northern Governors Agree Open Grazing No Longer Sustainable, Seek FG Help With Alternative

Cattle Herding On Grazing Route

It might have taken them time to see what everyone has seen and been discussing about for ages but the Northern States Governors’ Forum (NSGF) has finally agreed that open grazing of cattle is no longer sustainable anywhere in the country.

After many months of debates and arguments over open grazing, Northern Governors Forum has come to conclusion that growing urbanization and population of the country as it is cannot support open grazing. North or South, everyone has had it with the ancient practice of open grazing, it’s become the main cause of many clashes with every other Nigerian.

The recent tension which greeted the eviction order issued to criminal herdsmen in some parts of the country, alongside threats of reprisals, may have finally moved the hands of Northern governors to work and find peaceful resolutions.

It’s open secret that ancient cattle grazing routes across the country have changed because many of them have been taken over by development of highways and other infrastructure.

Nigeria of 60 years ago isn’t the same today. Concerned citizens said grazing routes had to make way for roads and highways in most states. Growing food needs has also seen the establishment of farms and plantations on many of them.

The incessant herders-farmers clash isn’t unconnected with the fact that the grazing routes have become blurred and cannot be what they used to be decades ago. Expansion in the rural and urban centers also cannot leave enough space for cattle forage, and calls have been made for the establishment of ranches, which the herders have resisted with every fibre of their being.

While appealing to the Federal Government to support Northern states with grants to carry out projects of like building and securing of Ranches and Ranching Reserves, the Northern governors also called on political leaders to isolate criminals and not attribute a particular tribe to kidnappers who are running rampage in many of the Southern states.

Now that the Northern governors have started to make moves to find lasting peace to the protracted farmers-herders clashes, would it be easier for the security agencies to go after criminal herders from now? Would Nigeria be rid of their penchant for kidnapping in the forests? Which way do you think Nigeria is going on this impasse?

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Federal High Court Orders CBN To Unfreeze Bank Accounts of #ENDSARS Campaigners Immediately

CBN Governor Ordered To Unfreeze #EndSars Promoters Accounts

Campaigners at the forefront of the #EndSars protests who had their bank accounts frozen by the Central Bank can finally heave a collective sigh of relief because an Abuja High Court has answered their prayer request.

The order obtained by the CBN to freeze the bank accounts of #EndSARS campaigners protest has been set aside by a Federal High Court in Abuja on Wednesday afternoon.

Justice Ahmed Mohammed ordered the banks where the accounts are domiciled to immediately unfreeze the affected accounts. The CBN’s order which was set for an initial 90 days was thrown out like the garbage that it is.

Recall Judge John Tsoho of the Federal High Court had said that the accounts of #EndSARS protesters were frozen in error.

This debacle puts an end to the #EndSars campaigners who found themselves on the receiving end of the CBN’s flagrant abuse of their rights following the part they played in trying to put an end to Police brutality in the country.

To the young Nigerians who have been fighting the good fight, congratulations are in order. Here’s hoping the authorities will allow them live their lives without fear going forward.

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Heineken To Cut 8,000 Jobs As Covid-19 Shakes Down Drinks Industry

Job Cuts In Heineken As Covid Bites Down Harder

The next time you’re turning down a beer for a frivolous reason like trying to keep a flat tummy, just know that you might be getting someone fired in a brewery in these pandemic times.

The world’s 2nd biggest brewer, Heineken is seeking to cut 8,000 jobs and keep €2bn in savings over two years as new chief executive Dolf van den Brink, reshapes the company he took over in a pandemic. Talk about being on the brink of disaster.

Van den Brink, who took charge last year, slashing almost 10 per cent of the Dutch brewer’s 85,000 staff is part of a programme to restore margins dealt a blow by Covid-19 and push up productivity.

The drinks industry is just one of many affected by Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns imposed on the world’s drinking pubs and lounges while the world was trying to flatten the infection curve.

The result of such restrictions on drinking is manifesting in loss of profits and jobs in one of the world’s biggest brewers. Nigerian beer parlours, lounges, clubs and hospitality industry can bear witness to this wickedness Covid-19 has done.

All Heinenken is doing with the €2bn its saving is to have funds to redirect to marketing and making sure the world’s beer taps don’t run dry by 2023, when (hopefully there won’t be Covid anymore) business would have resumed to its optimal position.

The moral of the Heineken lesson is to save now to enjoy later, it’s a shame some jobs will be lost to do it. So don’t feel guilty about grabbing a beer during your next grocery run, you just might be saving a job or two around the world.

What other ways do you think companies can cut losses without throwing people, young and old, into the already packed employment queue?

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Police Arrest 58 In Connection With Miscreant Unrest On Lagos Island

Cross-Section Of Suspects Arrested For Lagos Island Unrest

It appears the time is up for some of the miscreants and gangsters responsible for the unrest and insecurity recorded in the Lagos Island area as the Police rounded up 58 suspects.

Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Hakeem Odumosu, has commended his men for the arrest of 58 suspects in efforts to restore peace to the Agarawu, Ita Faaji, Igbosere and other parts of Lagos Island.

The recent unrest recorded in Lagos Island and environs, required a joint effort of Rapid Response Squad (RRS), Taskforce, Police Mobile Force and the Lagos State Neighborhood Safety Corps, to bring the gangster-culprits to book.

The gangsters who had hitherto ran the show on the heart of Lagos Island had been responsible for the unrest and damaged of public and people’s properties while their short reign of terror lasted.

The Lagos Police chief had directed the suspects be transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, Yaba for proper investigation and prosecution.

He also sounded a stern note of warning to other gangsters in other parts of Lagos to get ready to face the law as the police is re-energized to reduce crime and criminal activity in the state.

Does it appear the Lagos Police Command is ready to take the criminals in the state head on? What’s the state of security in your part of Lagos? Care to discuss about the state of security or lack of it in Lagos?

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Blessing Okagbare Enters Guiness Book Of Records As Athlete With Most IAAF Diamond League Appearances

Its been said what a man can do, a woman can do better. Scratch that. What Usain Bolt can do, Blessing Okagbare can do better.

Nigerian track and field star, Blessing Okagbare-Ighoteguonor, has been recognized by the Guinness World Records for making the most IAAF Diamond League appearances.

The International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) Diamond League is an annual series of elite track and field athletic competitions comprising 15 of the best invitational athletics meetings. The gathering of the best of the best athletes.

Sapele-born 32-year-old Blessing broke the world record by making 67 appearances, across 3 disciplines – 100 metres, 200 metres and long jump, between 3rd of July 2010 and 31 August 2018. Guess, Warri truly, no dey carry last.

Here’s hoping her feat can only be matched or broken by another Nigerian athlete.

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Love Rat Dr. Dre’s Divorce Gets Messier As Estranged Wife Asks Court To Probe If He Bankrolled Mistresses’ Lifestyles

Love Rat Dr. Dre Might Lose Millions In Acrimonious Split From Ex-Wife, Nicole

Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned, goes the popular saying and If superstar rapper-producer, Dr. Dre, had heeded this saying he probably won’t be having this messy relationship headache right now.

Dr. Dre’s ex-wife, Nicole Young is asking the court to question the music mogul’s alleged bankrolling of his mistresses, their flashy lifestyles and possibly how much he spends on them. Who knew Dre was a love rat all these while.

She also asked for them to sit for depositions as soon as possible. Now why would she want to go through all that troule?

Nicole who filed for divorce from Dre last June, is looking at the three women she suspected were intimate with her ex-hubby during their 25-year marriage. Imagine that mess blowing open…

She alleges one of the women purchased a $2 million home (in raw cash by the way) back in 2019, and wants to know if Dre did the lavish spending. Anything to swing the case in her favour would do right now.

She wants the women questioned, as their pre-trial interrogation could affect her spousal support case and the court’s decision on the prenup. If you didn’t know before now, Nicole is suing Dre for every dollar he calls his since their acrimonious split.

Although Dre has agreed to pay Young $2 million in temporary spousal support, the divorce battle isn’t about to become less messy because of allegations of infidelity, spousal abuse, money laundering, and assets fraud.

Whatever you do in your relationships, learn not to mess with a lady’s heart, you can’t contain the fury about to descend on you. Good luck, Dre, because you’re going to need it.

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