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News Today; Sheik Gumi Meets GSC Kagara Hostage Takers, Jigawa Seeks Life Sentence For Rapists

GSC Kagara Abduction Update: Sheik Gumi Meets Hostage Takers, Promises Freedom Of Hostages Soon

More details are emanating on the Government Science College Kagara hostage taking saga following the intercession of prominent self-appointed negotiator, Sheik Gumi.

Kaduna-based Islamic cleric and self-appointed negotiator, Sheik Gumi, has interceded in the GSC Kagara hostage-taking situation by meeting with the leader of the group of bandits named Dogo Gide.

Gumi and his personal delegation of negotiations met with Dogo Gide and other commanders at the Dutsen Magaji forest to workout the harmless release of the 42 hostages snatched from the Niger State boarding school.

Sheik Gumi and his team of negotiators were said to have taken the 7-hour trip from Minna to Dutsen Magaji. They confirmed the hostages are alive and well, and will be released soon.

Gumi involved himself in the dangerous mission of visiting the Kagara school hostage-taking situation on Thursday, barely 24 hours after the early Wednesday morning kidnapping.

Gumi And His Team Traveled For 7 Hours To Meet The Hostage Takers

It is understood the military and other security agencies dispatched for the Search-And-Rescue operation had tracked the group of hostage takers to inner recesses of the forests between Tegina, Niger State and Birnin-Gwari in Kaduna State.

They, however, couldn’t confront the kidnappers to avoid losing the hostages in a bloody gun battle. The sophisticatedly armed kidnappers are shielded from air bombardment by the forests, removing an air raid from the options of engagement.

An unnamed source had said the kidnapping gang was ready to release their victims as soon as their demands are met. They, however, didn’t reveal their demands to Sheik Gumi and his team of negotiators.

For the moment, the military and the retreating bandits are locked in a state of stalemate.

The Niger State government is yet to change its position of asking for an unconditional release of the GSC Kagara kidnap hostages. The governor, it is understood, is insisting the state won’t pay any ransom to kidnappers in this saga.

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PDP Chieftain Femi Fani-Kayode Urges Government To Grant Nigerians Right To Bear Arms Like AK-47

It is arguable you can find any politician who courts controversy more than Chief Femi Fani-Kayode. If in doubt, try explaining his bombastic gaffe on how government can end the reign of the marauding Fulani herders.

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has asked the government to allow all Nigerians bear sophisticated arms like AK-47s, just like the marauding herdsmen, if they really want to put a stop to insecurity in the country.

Shocked, right? Don’t be, it’s open gaffe season.

This inauspicious gaffe was committed while Fani-Kayode was visiting the self-styled Yoruba activist, Chief Sunday Adeyemo aka Sunday Igboho, at his Ibadan residence.

What should have been a tete a tete between two friends, became a full-blown political chat, with FFK launching fiery salvos at the government. And you know how that goes in these parts.

Apparently reacting to fellow PDP chieftain and Bauchi Governor, Bala Mohammed’s spurious support for Fulani herders carrying of AK-47s, Fani-Kayode countered that farmers and other locals can bear AK-47s to repel their attackers in the same vein. Calling for Self-defence is good but who enforces it?

FFK, however, didn’t stop at the Bala Mohammed, he latched onto another government who had earlier delivered a gaffe of his own on the parlous state of security in the country…The Defence Minister, the retired General Bashir Magashi.

The former Aviation minister said if the Defence Minister was clueless and asking Nigerians to defend themselves against aggressors like armed bandits, it’s only natural to allow the people meet them force-for-force.

At the moment, the political elite have been falling over each other with spurious claims and counter-claims on how to secure the country. None has come up with practicable solutions, the people paid to secure the country at various levels.

What would calling for everyone to bear arms achieve? Only Mr. Fani-Kayode knows what pushed him to this giddy opinion but did he think of those who have personal vendetta against others> Isn’t this pouring fuel into the already burning situation?

Let’s throw this open. Would you support the government to grant everyone the right to bear arms? Do you think it can realistically sort the insecurity impasse?

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Jigawa Violence Against Persons Proposal Seeks Life Sentence For Rapists

Jigawa Seeks Harsh Sentence For Convicted Rapists

Perpetrators of violence against women, particularly rape, have been landed a big blow in Jigawa State, once the governor gives assent to the state’s lawmaker’s proposal on sexual assault.

The Jigawa State House of Assembly have passed a law that stipulates a life sentence for rape. A shot in the arm for protection of women’s rights.

The proposal named, “Violence Against Persons Prohibition Law” also stipulates the death penalty for rape convicts who infect their victims with HIV/AIDS. This is equally commendable, no offender goes scot-free.

Not only will the rape convict go to jail, he would be made to compensate his victims with no less than N500,000 and have his name announced in the media to make the disgrace stick. All these proposals would be backed by a court order.

The bill was voted unanimously by the 30 House members representing the 27 council areas making up the state.

What about those whose stock in trade was deforming women (or men – because the door can swing both ways) for turning them down? Jigawa State has a surprise for them too.

The use of chemical, biological or any harmful substance that causes lifetime deformity on victims of violence against persons will attract life imprisonment without an option of fine…Bravo. Nothing short of applaudable, this proposal.

What do you make of Jigawa State’s “Violence Against Persons Prohibition Law?” Do you see other state’s towing their commendable path anytime soon in the quest to crush sexual impropriety across the country?

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Government To Boost Rice Production With Establishment Of 3 Rice Mills In Adawama

Local Adamawa Rice Farmers Could Earn More With Rice Mills

Nigeria may be on a long road to achieving food security but the country can inch closer with the current plan to boost food production in the pipeline.

According to the National Agricultural Land Development Authority (NALDA), Federal Government has wrapped up plans to boost rice production by setting up three rice processing mills in Adamawa State.

Executive Secretary of NALDA, Paul Ikonne, said his agency has reached an agreement with the Adamawa government to assist farmers get more value for their crops while also increasing the chance to boost food production.

Ikonne said plans are in place to reduce the influence of middlemen who cheat farmers by buying their stock cheaply and inflate pricing ridiculously after the rice has been processed at a private mill.

It’s open secret the middlemen have the price of rice (and some other popular staples) in a chokehold because they have the processing in their pockets. NALDA is aiming to cut this influence by introducing state-owned processing plants.

While NALDA has identified 4,000 hectares of farming estates to cover in its rice production drive, the Adamawa government has donated an additional 5000 hectares to the purpose.

Achieving food sufficiency isn’t a lost hope after all. How do you think local farmers can benefit from this drive to improve food production in Adamawa?

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Kwara State Locks Up 10 Schools Over Heated Debate On Hijab Usage

Should The Hijab Be Part Of The School Uniform?

It’s bad enough adults are at constant loggerheads over religious rights, infecting school children with the same sentiments has caused the Kwara State government to proactively act and prevent further drama by locking some schools over Hijab usage.

Heated debate over the usage of the Hijab in school has caused the Kwara State Government to lock up no less than 10 schools on Friday.

The immediate but temporary closure order affects some grant-aided schools in the Ilorin area only, pending when a resolution would be reached on the brewing religious garb.

The hijab has been the subject of debate between the Muslim and Christian communities in the affected areas, with both spoiling for a showdown.

In stepped the state government which ordered everyone to take the temporary break to schooling activities while everyone involved calm their nerves.

The ban on the use of the Hijab in christian-sponsored schools (missionary schools) has dominated discussions in parts of Ilorin lately.

The issue got heated following the lockout of Hijab-wearing students from entering school in some parts of town.

Being the Muslim dominated city Ilorin is, the government had to step in before a violent dimension is added to the already boiling mix.

There was a similar argument over the use of the Hijab as part of the school uniform in Oyo State in 2019 and it took some leadership dexterity to calm pen-up nerves.

While the proactive stance the government took is commendable, how best do you think the people of Ilorin can resolve the Hijab-wearing discussion without denying the students the chance to continue their education?

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Two #EndSars Petitioners Awarded N10million Each By Lagos Judicial Panel

Mrs Hannah Olugbodi One Of The Petitioners Awarded N10million By Lagos #EndSars Panel

A landmark conclusion has reportedly been reached at the #EndSars panel sitting on police brutality cases in Lagos with the award of compensation granted to two petitions brought before it.

The Lagos State Judicial Panel of Restitution and Inquiry investigating cases of police brutality, especially of those involving officers of the erstwhile Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) unit has awarded two petitioners N10million each.

The two petitioners name are given as Hannah Olugbodi and the family of the late Kudirat Obayomi.

In the case of the late Mrs. Kudirat Obayomi, the panel recommended the prosecution of erring police officers, the award of N10million as compensation, scholarship to a dependent, and a letter of apology to the family of the deceased from the police.

In the case of Hannah Olugbodi, she was awarded N10 million compensation for stress and anxiety, and to carry treatment for gunshot wound she received from a stray bullet shot by at her by SARS operatives in June 2018.

This is a good precedent and hope the injustice meted out to Nigerians by SARS operatives shall not go unpunished.

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