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News Today; Buhari’s Daughter Denies N51bn Fraud Allegations, Ban On Nigerian Flights Extended

Buhari’s Daughter Denies N51bn Fraud Allegations, Threatens To Sue Accusers

Presidential daughter and billionaire wife, Zahra-Buhari-Indimi

President Buhari’s daughter has come out to deny claims by a popular online publication that she defrauded her fatherland of a hefty N51bn.

Zahra Buhari-Indimi, one of President Buhari’s daughters has denied allegations of her, or her foundation, defrauding the government of N51bn or any other amount.

Popular online publication, Sahara Reporters, had published a story on March 5, titled, ‘How APC Chieftain, Danu, Custom Boss Defrauded Nigerian Government of N51bn, Wired N2.5bn To Buhari’s Daughter’.

The publication had alleged that some top customs officers and Narisu Danu had fleeced Nigeria of N51bn and electronically transferred N2.5bn to Zahra, through her foundation.

Herself the wife of a billionaire heir (Ahmed Indimi), Zahra was said to have described Sahara Reporter’s publication as false and injurious. She, however, didn’t stop at that. She threatened to sue too. Good tp know she’s not treating the allegations with levity.

She asked the Omoyele Sowore-led publication to retract the story and tender a public apology in three national dailies within seven days of receipt of her letter or be prepared to face the law court.

Zahra Buhari-Indimi lawyer, Nasiru Aliyu (SAN), served Sahara Reporters on March 10. They’ve reacted on their website that Zahra Indimi-Buhari has threatened them with lawsuit. So, let the countdown begin.

Meanwhile, the presidency is yet to make any official statement on the damaging report linking their principal’s daughter to the allegations of hefty fraud. Nigerians hope Zahra would make good her threat of suing Sahara Reporter if the story doesn’t get retracted.

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Ban On Nigerian Flights Extended To March 20 By UAE

Dubai trips put on ice till March 20

Planning to travel to the UAE for business or pleasure any time soon? You may have to have a rethink, till at least March 20, before you can touch down in Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates has said its ban on Nigerian flights has been extended till March 20, 2021. That is, all flights originating from Abuja or Lagos airports can’t go Dubai till the date mentioned.

The ban, which was previously tentatively scheduled to be lifted for March 10, got shifted by another 10 days, according to signals coming from Emirates Airlines in Dubai.

The whole brouhaha began last month (February 5) when the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) barred Emirates Airlines flights from flying into the country over alleged violation of Covid-19 protocols.

The beef was not unconnected with the Arab airline choosing a rapid antigen testing format over Nigeria’s Negative PCR as Covid-19 travel requirement.

A very miffed UAE returned the favour by slapping a ban on Nigerian flights into their part of the Arab peninsula for several weeks, in the initial instance. While travelers can fly into Nigeria from Dubai with connecting flights, same cannot be said of going the other way.

On the bright side, Nigerians have started our Covid-19 vaccinations, that should count for something in the travel considerations shouldn’t it?

The extended Nigerian flight ban, however, doesn’t affect flights coming into Lagos and Abuja from Dubai. Abuja or Lagos travelers will just have to hope (without bated breaths and prayers) the beef with the UAE is over and the Dubai gates can be opened to them from March 20.

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Niger State To Close Public Schools For 2 Weeks For Security Assessment

Niger to close schools for security assessment

Situation reports from Niger State has it that the government is closing public schools for 2 weeks because of security reasons.

The Niger State Governor, Sani Abubakar Bello has ordered that public secondary schools in the embattled state be shut from March 12 to March 26, 2021.

The governor it is understood issued the directive to enable security agencies properly carry assess the risk of putting pupils in the state’s secondary school classrooms.

Niger State has in the last 4 weeks been in the chokehold of kidnapping and murderous bandits, who have rendered the state unsafe for all and sundry.

The state government believes at the completion of the compulsory risk assessment, teachers, other educators and security personnel will be properly suited to the task of ensuring the schools are safe for learners.

Niger State parents and guardians have been doubly apprehensive about letting their wards attend school since the brazen abduction of 42 students and staff of Government Science College, Kagara in Rafi Local Government Area.

Though all the hostages released after nearly a week with armed bandits in the forests, it did little to inspire confidence in Niger parents when torrid stories of hunger and torture in the hands of their captors came to light.

Though 22 secondary schools had been earlier closed by the state government to forestall a repeat of the GSC Kagara abduction saga, Governor Bello decided to extend the gesture to all schools to enable security coverage get to as many schools as possible in the state.

Information Officer, Niger State Ministry Of Education, Jibrin Usman Kodo, confirmed the school closure directive to the press on Thursday.

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Gunmen Snatch Students And Lecturer from Edo Construction Institute In Uromi

Uromi Building Institute attacked by unknown gunmen

Uromi in Edo State was enveloped in uneasy calm following news of the abduction of students and a lecturer of the town’s tertiary institute.

Two students and a lecturer of the Institute of Construction Technology, Uromi, Esan North East Local Government Area of Edo State have been reportedly kidnapped by unknown gunmen.

The desperate gunmen announced their deadly arrival at the institute with sporadic gunshots into the air before carrying out their deadly mission late into Wednesday night. A staff of the Department of Environmental Studies was reportedly taken, alongside two unnamed students.

Edo Police Spokesman, SP Bello Kotongs, confirmed the unnerving development and said the police were working on recovering the kidnap victims alive and well. The desperate gunmen were yet to get in contact with the families of their captives.

How the unknown gunmen continue to run rings around Nigeria’s security agencies, from North to South, is becoming stuff of legends as the Police has no clues who was responsible for yet another violent crime across the Nigerian landscape.

Edo State has not been exempted from the dastardly acts of kidnappings and insecurity recently recorded in Southern Nigeria. A father-and-son abduction had taken place earlier in the week, a ransom of N3million was reportedly paid to secure their release.

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Seven Shot Dead By Security Forces In Bloody Myanmar Anti-Government Protests

The bodies are beginning to pile up in Myanmar protests

The crackdown on anti-government protesters in Myanmar is beginning to draw international attention, following the brutal force being applied by the security forces.

No less than seven people have been killed in anti-government protests after security forces opened fire on anti-coup protesters in Myanmar.

Six people were killed in the central town of Myaing and one person was killed in the North Dagon district of Yangon, Myanmar’s biggest city, according to local news media covering the crackdown on peaceful protesters.

The country has been experiencing anti-government demonstrations following the February 1st military coup in which Aung San Suu Kyi was deposed by the khaki boys.

Promises of a short transition and a return to democracy by the military coupists has done nothing to quell the calls for the military usurpers to restore Aung San Suu Kyi’s government.

An advocacy group, Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, said Myanmar security forces have killed more than 60 protesters and arrested 2,000 others in the crackdown on pro-Suu Kyi demonstrators.

The United Nations have called for the Myanmar military authorities to softpedal on the use of brute force on peaceful protesters, while Amnesty International has accused the military of using battlefield tactics on the people.

The Myanmar military rulers have in the meantime accused Aung San Suu Kyi of accepting illegal payments, amongst the many crimes levelled on her in the sham trial they are putting together.

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Denmark, Norway Suspend AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccines Over Fears Of Side Effects

Denmark, Norway put AstraZeneca vaccine on ice for 2 weeks

Denmark and Norway have joined Austria in the suspension of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccines and the reason is nothing short of blood curdling.

Denmark has announce they will be suspending the usage of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine for two weeks after reports that some recipients had developed serious blood clots as side effect.

The Danish health ministry said the country’s decision to suspend the shots came after a 60-year old woman who received the AstraZeneca shot, from the same batch as the ones used in Austria, formed a blood clot and died.

The country said they had received reports of serious side effects from the AstraZeneca shots, both from Denmark and other European countries. The Danish authorities expressed fears of taking caution to be sure if the side effects were truly from the suspended Covid-19 vaccines.

Norway followed Denmark’s footsteps shortly after their Scandinavian neighbour barred the now-controversial shots.

Director of infection prevention and control at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI), Geir Bukholm, told a news conference their decision is purely cautionary.

Also waiting in the wings to suspend the usage of the same AstraZeneca Covid-19 shots are Italy. There’s nothing like being too careful these days, don’t even blame the Italians.

Though AstraZeneca has denied any links with its vaccines and the blood clot side effects, it has done little to allay the fears of nations which have already administered doses of the vaccines on their citizens.

This suspension is a big blow on global efforts to suppress Covid-19 infections in their countries. A lot of hopes are riding on the vaccine that has been praised for being effective and easy to store.

Do you think any Nigerian would still go ahead and take the AstraZeneca vaccines after Denmark and Norway have suspended it? What do you think?

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Kanye Give Kim Kardashian The Cold Shoulder After Filing For Divorce

Kanye is beginning to snub Kim

It appears Kim Kardashian is beginning to find out Kanye’s got no chills for folks he doesn’t give a care about following latest developments between them.

Rapper Kanye West has reportedly cut-off his soon-to-be ex-wife, Kim Kardashian right after they both filed for divorce. (What’s wrong with this guy? Who cuts Kim off?)

The couple popularly referred to as KimYe, split up sometime in January 2021 before Kim filed for divorce in February. Things have broken down so badly between them that Kanye has sanctioned Kim could only communicate with him through his security detail.

On the flip side though, Kim is reportedly allowing Kanye see their four children, Northwest (7), Psalm (5), Chicago (3) and Psalm (22 months), according to their co-parenting arrangement.

Whatever the rap mogul is miffed about he’s not revealed to anyone, it appears he just wants to steer clear of his distraught businesswoman partner of 7 years.

KimYe are believed to have signed a prenuptial agreement, and neither of them appears ready to contest the terms of the document.

A disconsolate and tearful Kim had bawled her heart out to her family about her crashing union. The recently reclusive Kanye hasn’t revealed much about the development but behind that cool veneer could be a grieving man.

Good luck to KimYe, they’re rich and would be fine…eventually.

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