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News Today; Abia Governor Arrest Of Criminal-herders, DSS Warns Of Plot To Destabilize Nigeria

Governor Ikpeazu Goes Tough! Orders Security Agencies To Arrest Criminal-herders Over Open Grazing And Kidnapping Activity

Abia Governor Okezie Ikpeazu

It appears the kid gloves with which cattle herders have been treated in the recent stand off, particularly in the Southern states, over open grazing and criminal activity have finally come off with signals coming from Abia State.

Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State has towed in the line of his Ondo and Oyo counterparts, by ordering heads of security agencies in his state to arrest the obstinate criminal-herdsmen operating with impunity in his state.

In a statement released through the state’s Commissioner for Information, John Okiyi-Kalu, the governor decried the alarming manner in which herders graze their cattle openly in violation of the state’s existing laws.

Thoughts of herders being untouchable with their refusal to obey the law, are stoutly being rebuffed by Southern governors, who seem to have exhausted other avenues to bring order to their enclaves.

Governor Ikpeazu also condemned the activity of the unidentified criminals amongst herders who have been implicated in the recent kidnap of Abia citizens, particularly in Abia North.

Recall there have been calls for the expulsion of criminal-herders, allegedly of Fulani extraction, from farmers and travelers of various parts of Southern Nigeria, for the reckless destruction of farmland and using forests as kidnap headquarters.

Governor Ikpeazu restated his commitment to allowing everyone, regardless of their origins, to go about their legimate businesses without fear, that he’s doing everything to protect everyone in his state.

With Governor Ikpeazu’s actions, do you think Southern governors are taking the right steps to restore order or are they pandering to the whims of politics to shore up their political capital with the people?

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DSS Warns Of Plot To Destabilize Nigeria Through Religious Crises By Unscrupulous Elements

DSS Calls For Vigilance From Nigerians

It wasn’t too long ago (January 11 2021 to be exact) that the government through its undercover security outfit, the DSS, raised alarm of desperadoes of trying to set the country on fire. Well, it’s happening again.

This time, the Department of State Services (DSS) has repeated its calls that it has intelligence of plans by unscrupulous elements working assiduously to instigate ethnic and religious violence across the country.

The DSS National Headquarters, through its Public Relations Officer, Dr Peter Afunanya, said latest intelligence at the disposal, point to desperate efforts by these shadow groups to subvert public order.

Of what public good is it for the DSS to cry wolf and go to sleep when the monsters come crawling out of the woods? Wait, there’s more.

Dr Afunnaya’s statement in part read, “Latest developments indicate desperate efforts by these groups to subvert public order. In this regard, they have continued to resort to inciting, unguarded and divisive statements and acts. The objective is to pit citizens against one another in order to apparently inflame the embers of tribal and religious discords.”

Is it enough to inform Nigerians of unscrupulous elements trying to burn the country down or the DSS should use resources at their disposal to prevent these desperadoes from carrying out said acts? Who are the warnings helping?

What would you like to see from the DSS and other security outfits besides calls for vigilance? More warnings or less talk and more action? Hit us up…

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Nigeria Escapes Saudi Arabia’s Travel Ban As 20 Countries Get Barred Over Covid Restrictions

Saudi Arabia Bans 20 Countries Over Covid-19

If you’ve business or any other reasons to visit Saudi Arabia as a Nigerian, have no fears, you won’t be turned back because Nigeria isn’t one of the ones labelled “Undesirable”

Information from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry has announced the temporary suspension of 20 countries in a bid to slow down the rise in coronavirus infections.

The ban applies to Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Turkey, even the almighty USA but Nigeria (happily) is excluded from the dubious list of unwelcomed nationalities to Saudi.

Besides the US, the travel ban also applies to Argentina, Brazil, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan and South Africa. The UK, France and Germany are in “The Undesirables” too.

Someone, somewhere thinks Nigeria is handling Covid-19 considerably well. The NCDC’s hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Good recommendation of Nigeria on the global scene again.

Saudi Arabia has recorded more than 368,000 coronavirus cases and nearly 6,400 deaths, the highest among Gulf Arab states.

While Saudi Arabia has started their nationwide vaccination program, the country will allow Saudi diplomats and health workers coming from the countries on their travel ban.

Looking at Nigeria’s handling of Covid-19 cases, what areas do you think Nigerians can do better to lower the number of Covid infections at home?

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Sunday Ighoho Carpets Ooni of Ife In Outburst Over Ongoing Troublesome Herdsmen Crisis In The South West

Ooni of Ife Vs Sunday Igboho

The paramount traditional ruler of Yorubaland, the Ooni of Ife, has attracted the ire of one of his subjects, and the offended isn’t about to express his displeasure with any form of respect.

Self-styled Yoruba rights activist, Sunday Adeyemo, aka Sunday Igboho, has carpeted the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, using colourful words and saying he disappointed the Yoruba people over the herdsmen crisis rocking the South-West region.

The vocal Ighoho, who recently has championed hardline activities taken to forcefully eject cattle herders in Oyo and Ogun States, said on Wednesday morning at a virtual ‘Townhall With Yoruba In Diaspora’, that Ooni Ojaja failed woefully to convey the pains and displeasure of the Yoruba people to President Buhari during a recent meeting.

In videos floating on the internet, Igboho alluded the Ooni failed Yoruba people because he was dancing to the tune of some politicians and should have taken a hard posture when he met the president on the recent clashes in the South West.

Besides coming short of calling the Yoruba leader lily-livered, Igboho didn’t spare other Yoruba leaders like Chief Bola Tinubu and Governor Seyi Makinde, whom he uncomplimentary labelled, “Fulani Slaves”

Igboho who said he refused to honour the Ooni’s call for a meeting at his Ife palace, said Yoruba leaders ought not to be afraid of arrest and tell the president the truth about the reckless activities of some of his people in the crises rocking different parts of the country, particularly the South West.

Camps of the Ooni of Ife and the Yoruba leaders slated in Sunday Igboho’s dressing down, are yet to react officially on the manner they were addressed.

While he may be the darling of a lot of people right now, should Sunday Igboho have whitewashed the Ooni and other Yoruba leaders the way he did? Is there another way he could have better expressed his grievances or should he be reeled in now? What do you think?

Criminal Activity Forces Adamawa Government To Impose Ban On Tricycles And Motorcycles

Adamawa State Governor, Ahmadu Fintiri

In yet another move inspired by the fear of insecurity in the hands of criminal gangs, another Nigerian state is imposing a ban on the movement of tricycles and motorcycles.

Following unabated attacks on innocent citizens by the notorious Shilla Boys, and other criminal armed gangs, Governor, Ahmadu Fintiri of Adamawa State has banned the operations of tricycles and motorcycles from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am indefinitely in three local governments areas of the state.

The Local Government Areas affected by the indefinite are; Yola South, Yola North and Girei LGAs.

According to a statement released by Humwashi Wonosikou, Press Secretary to the state government, the government took the decision to checkmate criminal activities of the hoodlums, who have become popular for disturbing the peace and frustrating efforts to keep the state safe for its citizens.

The Shilla Boys have been identified alongside other criminal gangs as the major actors behind the thuggery, robbery, theft, maiming of innocent citizens in Adamawa State, with the embattled LGAs are their playgrounds.

Gov Fintiri’s Executive Order prescribes a sentence of six months imprisonment, with an option of One Hundred Thousand Naira fine (N100,000) or both, in addition to forfeiting the defaulting tricycle or motorcycle to the Government, to persons found guilty of violation of the Order.

Would the governor’s executive order serve be enough to deter the criminals or do you think the government could have adopted another method of fishing the criminals out?

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Benue Governor Comes Out Of Isolation As He Recovers From COVID-19

Governor Samuel Ortom Getting His Covid-19 Sample Taken

The people of Benue State can heave a collective sigh of relief as news emanating from Makurdi, the state capital, has it that Governor Samuel Orton has recovered from the Covid-19 virus.

Recall Governor Ortom went into isolation for treatment after his COVID-19 test returned positive about a week ago. He got exposed to the virus when aides and other people around him contracted and passed it on to him.

He was declared Covid-free after samples taken from him two days ago for tests returned negative.

A rather elated Gov Ortom said in a statement released on Wednesday afternoon that, “I appreciate the entire Benue people for their prayers, love and kindness. I commend my Deputy and appointees because while in isolation we were still running the government and everything went well.”

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Singer Yinka Davies Mourns Passing Of Son Jeremiah In Moving Instagram Tribute

Yinka Davies’ Late Son – Jeremiah

This isn’t the best of times for Jazz singer Yinka Davies as she put up a tribute on the passage of her son, Jeremiah, on Wednesday.

The foremost vocalist, lyricist and judge of popular musical reality show, Nigerian Idol, announced the passing of Jeremiah in a moving tribute on Instagram.

It’s understood the late young man (27) who passed last Friday (January 27th), had been in and out of the hospital for treatment in the last 10 months.

Yinka’s teary tribute read (in part), “For those who held you in their hearts, Those you waved at on your strolls, For those who cried the tears they couldn’t hold back, Cos you are no more here. For those who washed you when you were weak, Those who were scared to see you ill, For those who thought you madly stubborn cos you, Wouldn’t take another pill. I salute them all…”

May the young Jeremiah’s soul rest in perfect peace.

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Uromi Women Block Major Roads In Protest And Call For Expulsion Of Criminal Fulani Herdsmen

Uromi Women’s Protest Against Criminal Herders

When the criminal herdsmen brought their heinous activities to the farmlands of Edo State, they had no idea they had murdered sleep.

Angry women from the Esan-North town of Uromi, in Edo State, had on Wednesday afternoon taken to the major streets, blocking major roads and disrupting the flow of business and other activity in protest against the dreaded criminal herdsmen.

The women in their hundreds were chanting and calling for the expulsion of the criminals, who disguised as herdsmen to leave their communities.

It is understood the frustrated women, who braved contracting the dreaded Covid-19 virus, were expressing their angst and fear at the inability to go to farm without fear of being kidnapped or killed by the criminal herdsmen.

Seems there is no escape route for the criminal herders anymore as more people have come out to have their say on the insecure state of their localities due to the activities of a few criminal elements in the country.

It is hoped both the State and Federal governments are listening to the people in the farming communities all over the country against the criminal herders.

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