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Lagos, Nigeria- July 8th, 2020- There are over a hundred thousand yearly cases of fibroid in Nigeria. A lot of women are living with fibroid and are not aware of it, while others cannot afford to pay for surgeries. Eko Hospital recognizes this fact and has decided for humanitarian sake to embark on “OPERATION FIBROID STORM” campaign.

Eko Hospital, one of the largest private medical hospital in the country launched this crowdfunding campaign to provide funds for women with cases of fibroid.

CEO Eko corp PLC, Dr Ademolu Owoyle in an interview states that “Uterine fibroids are the most common tumor of the reproductive tract. Symptoms may include heavy and prolonged periods, bleeding between periods and pelvic pain. Fibroid presents in several ways and many women believe it to be their normal monthly periods. Eko Hospital has had its fair share of women with fibroid. More so, it has had share with women who are unable to afford the funds needed to undergo the fibroid operation

“A lot of women living with fibroid have been subjected to infertility, some have fibroid growing with their pregnancy and risking the live of their baby. It is with this that Eko Hospital has come up with OPERATION FIBRIOD STORM, aimed at combating fibroid in 5000 women at a highly discounted price”

Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer, Dr Kunle Megbuwawon says “The huge demand for healthcare services, has created an urgent need to create innovative solutions to mitigate the shortage in health service supply.

 “Operation Fibroid Storm seeks to create Access and Availability of Quality & Affordable care for people in need. It seeks to bridge the gap between the demand (people in need of fibroid treatment) and the supply (Skilled personnel).

“We hope to treat and manage within the space of one year, 5000 women who suffer from the burden of fibroid and other fertility concerns”

Eko Hospital is using Qucikraiz as its platform for raising funds. It is calling for the public to go on the site to make donations and help save the lives of thousands of women.

If you or anyone you know suffers from FIBROID or INFERTILITY, register through this link

Visit Quickraiz to make donations towards the campaign.

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