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“Temper justice with mercy” Mixed feelings on Lil Frosh

So Lil Frosh beat up his girlfriend to a pulp. He literally gave her a face reconstruction. Due to the incident, DMW boss, Davido terminated his contract

There have been different reactions to this. We gathered some of these “reactions” from Twitter. Here are some below

306 way😂

Of course there are so much more but if I’m being honest, I am confused.

Someone did this 👆🏾to another person and somehow the consequence he is facing is too harsh? I really don’t get it.

“Temper justice with mercy”, this is the mentality killing us. Domestic Violence is horrible. Anyone who does it should dance to the music.

According to reports gathered, this really all just started with “share your hotspot with me”. It wasn’t from cheating or anything of the sort. (You can read the story here )

If everyone realises that they have their whole future at stake whenever they physically abuse anyone or otherwise, we really would not see so much domestic violence cases.

We sincerely hope Lil Frosh learns his lesson and go for an anger management class.

The only beating a girl should receive is the one that happened in ROOM 306 🙊


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